105 Risk Taking #pfHotStuff

105 Outside Your Comfort Zone in sewing #pfHotStuff 

21 Feb 2023

Sponsor this month: THREE patterns from Fostering Sewing Patterns – most adorable stuffed animal patterns! I love the owl and alligators the best.  I hope they’ll make a raccoon pattern!

Catch up:


Tauko magazine has accepted one of my designs for Issue #9 – coming out toward the end of 2023.  I’m overwhelmed because I didn’t imagine this would happen – and also because there’s so much to do now.  I’ve got the base pattern drafted, and mostly graded.  Next up is WRITING INSTRUCTIONS, including instructions for something I’m only able to do successfully by watching a video, lol.  So there’s that – but the nice folks at Tauko assure me that they’ll be there to help make the instructions stronger, add illustrations, etc.  

Big thanks to everyone who encouraged me to try – especially Beverly.

I’m also nearly done with my first Blanca Flight Suit from Close Core Patterns.  This is almost entirely due to Sara from Fabric_Scraps reaching out to ask if I wanted an accountability partner for this make – since she also needed one.  We both sat down at 9 am one Saturday and worked together, sending photos back and forth, along with words of encouragement & advice.  I have just the collar & sleeves to complete – but I got nervous and sewed up the body side seams and crotch seams early just to confirm that it’ll fit before finishing the other bits up.  And it does!  There’s the typical “how fitted can I make the bodice and still pull this on-and-off” problem.  This is more complicated with my CGM.  LOL!

Beverly: Been making workout shorts – pretty boring.  Just Hudson pants shortened and without the pockets.  I want to make some Friday Pattern Co Sport Shorts too (up to 63” hip).  And possibly the Greenstyle Balboa Shorts (up to 62” hip). 

Second version of Nepheline Blouse by Vivian Shao Chen

 (Up to 62” hip)

New Patterns

Daughter Judy 

Isola Jumpsuit

Jenny: Dammit.  I’m definitely buying/making this one.  OMG.  A zipper & straps.  I will say my local Joann doesn’t carry zippers long enough in store for someone my size to buy for projects like this – I have to order each time (Wawak!).

Up to 67” hip

FROM $14


The Isola is a modern take on the overall. Slim cut through the body with a darted bodice for added shaping. 

Great for layering or worn on its own.

woman wearing plaid jumpsuit
Line drawing of jumpsuit

Itch to stitch: Nusle Joggers – Up to 62” hip

Whether you want to stay in or work out, do it in style with these cozy and comfy Nusle Joggers! With one pattern, you get three different looks—1) The long version has split side hems and falls straight down from the knees; 2) the slim-fit, ankle length version has taper legs and is finished with cuffs; and 3) the capri version ends at high calves and is finished with cuffs. Designed for four-way stretch knit fabric, the Nusle sits at the natural waist and has an elastic waistband.

Nusle Joggers Features:

  • Elastic waistband with drawstring
  • Mid-rise that sits at the natural waist
  • Three options:
    • Long Split Hem
    • Ankle Cuff
    • Capri Cuff
  • Slanted front pockets
  • Designed for medium 4-way stretch knit fabric with good recovery
Image of woman wearing jogger pants

Sew Liberated Cosecha Pants

Jenny: I’m intrigued.  Something’s very wrong with the world when I’m thinking “dang, those PANTS are cute.”

Image of two women wearing pants and sweaters
Line drawings of pants patterns

Whst does risk taking in sewing look like? How do you tackle something outside your comfort zone? 

My comfort zone for sewing lies firmly in the “loose dress with gathers” space.  Stepping outside of that has always been painful.  How do we get into ruts in sewing, and how do we get back out again? 

  1. Sew with a friend who will encourage you to push yourself
  2. Share your plan publicly – instagram can give you a forum for saying you’ll do something and being held to account to … actually do it.
  3. Look at the skills you feel uncomfortable about, and make a plan to improve them.  My hatred of buttons is at least in part based on how difficult it is for me to feel like my buttonhole placement, my buttonhole stitches, are good enough.  Making many pairs of overalls has fixed the buttonhole stitches problem. 
  4. Make a list, and check things off as you are able.  It’s low pressure, but involves all the fun of checking things off a list.  You can use the Notes function in your phone for this most likely, but there are also so many different really cute note pads you can employ for this.  I’m a digital list person for sewing, and weirdly a physical list person for work. 
  5. Randomly select a pattern that’s out of your comfort zone every (week, month, quarter, vacation, etc) and commit to making it happen.  You’ll learn a lot by what you feel when you pick the random pattern (random number generator, put them in a box and pull randomly, make someone else pick one for you, etc).

I’m working on really understanding pants so I can …. Design my own overalls.  Ulp. I think this means I have to keep making pants.  I wonder if I will?


How do to something new. Wikihow.

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