111 #pfStretchYourself Intro

April sponsors:

Stokx patterns: 3 patent apron patterns – this is perfect for wearing when crafting, cooking, or gardening.  It reminds me of utilikilts in the best way – an modern industrial take on the half-apron.

If you would like to sponsor a prize for our show, all you have to do is be willing to send said prize anywhere in the world – easiest for those that offer pdfs, but many folks have sponsored with mailed prizes.  Just dm us in Instagram or email  

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Catch Up:


Beverly: ZW gather dress (max hip 61” – to make it zero waste – easy to adjust if not zero waste) in beautiful Atelier brunette fabric that I got from Minerva. They don’t seem to have it anymore but it is Crane Island in cotton lawn.  Love it so much.

New patterns/community news: 

This week I want to talk about some new things coming up that might be of interest to our community.  The first two I learned by listening to the Love to Sew podcast.

First, Helen’s closet has started a quilting pattern co called Cedar Quilt Co.  I love Helen’s instructions for garment patterns and I’m excited to try her quilting patterns as I have never made a full-sized (or even lap) quilt and I think her instructions will help to make a really good quilt.  

Next, Blackbird fabrics is starting a line of patterns!  I am hoping and sort of assuming that they will be in a good size range as Caroline has gone through the size expansion journey along side Helen’s company.  Finger’s crossed and we will update when we know more.  

Third is something that may not be new to others, but it’s new to me.  The Fabric Store – a NZ-based fabric store, has a line of patterns called Make by TFS.  All pdf patterns go up to a 63” hip, but they will grade up as needed.  

Sizing: NZ 4 – 32 size range. If you fall outside of this size range, we will be able to grade a size for you. There is a four week turnaround period per pattern for this service and is offered at no additional cost to the original PDF purchase. Simply fill out the form on our sizing page and we will be in touch!

Their range includes shirts, dresses, jeans, a blazer, and loungewear.  Here are some of my favorites:

Ivy Dress

Poppy Coat

The Mabel Dress

Bloom Shirtdress (though I’d omit that collar)


What do we mean by this?  As always any interpretation counts, but originally intended as an opportunity to stretch ourselves by choosing a pattern just inside or even outside our current skill set.  

Other ideas of course include – stretch fabric or elastic, clothes to wear whilst stretching, clothes for someone tall (hahaha)

Some ideas we are considering:

Beverly: I’m interested in both ways of thinking of this challenge.  I definitely want to make some stretchy workout clothes for summer.  

I love the Helen’s Closet Avery Leggings (up to 62” hip), which I’ve made as both shorts and long leg versions.  What are folks best ideas for fabric sourcing for very stretchy/good recovery 4-way stretch fabric that are maybe not polyester? 

I want to make a knit dress – skater style but a bit longer.  I don’t have any of these and im not sure I’ll love them. I also want a knit skirt – one with a yoga waistband. Like the Style Arc Gorgeous Gore Skirt.  But there’s also several simple tutorials online using your own measurements and desired length of skirt: Here’s one from Make it and love it.

As for stretching my sewing skills: 

Will I finally make my Closet Core Kelly Anorak jacket??? I also purchased the optional Lining add on to the pattern. This would definitely fit the bill of a STRETCH for me.


Sew It Yourself book by DIY Daisy.  I’m going to make every clothing item, and then remake it to look like it’s intended in the book.  I’ll include suggestions for making changes to have the garments work out for fat bodies.

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