127 #pfSewPrecious Recap

Next Month’s clue: 

What do you think the theme for August will be????

July sponsor: Made By Rae, $50 gift card!!!

Catch Up: 


Beverly: Teddy Designer top in purple Brussels washer linen

Alteration of Closet core Kalle that I wasn’t wearing

Alteration of Dragonfruit from last summer – shortened but the hem is WAY off

Sewing community news:

This post from elbe_textiles:

New patterns:

Icaria Pants from Itch to Stitch

Teague Dress from Daughter Judy designs – up to 67” hip

Bernadette Skirt from Friday Pattern Co. – She used an older model!!! 


How have we done so far on our plans:

Beverly: I am going to use the beautiful hand woven fabric that Jenny gave me as a gift!  She gave me 4 yards so I would have plenty to make something lovely to wear.  I have felt like I can’t cut into it for fear that I won’t do it justice!  Leaving it in my stash is so much worse!


I think I’m going to try and use up my precious linen scraps and make some scrappy dresses!

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Jenny, try bed risers (like these: HOLDN’ STORAGE Adjustable Bed Risers and Furniture Risers – Stackable Bed Lift 3, 5, or 8 Inch – Set of 4 Bed Risers 8 inch Heavy Duty – Perfect for College Dorms – Fits Legs up to 7.5” W under your cutting table. I use them under my foldable table and my back feels so much better when I don’t have to bend over so much to cut. Enjoy your new space! I just found your podcast and am really enjoying it. Thanks!

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