128 #pfMending Intro

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Refashion Jenny’s dress into a swingy version of the Ashton. Beautiful and floaty!

Creative Hinterland project – shirt dress

Left hand surgery.  

Got to meet Sheila O’Kelly in person!

New patterns:

Homme Wrap by Elbe Textiles – up to 60” hip

Miranda Skirt by Style Arc – up to 70” hip


  • Gathered skirt
  • Mid-calf length
  • Elastic waist
  • Lined


Lightweight knits or wovens such as bridal tulle, chiffon, silk, voile. Lining: knit or woven fabric.


  • Elastic for waist, 32mm (1 1/2″) width, refer to chart below for cut length.

DIY Daisy – DIY Door Lump – part of her Do it yourself decor series – free pattern!


Last month the theme was #pfSewPrecious and as usual we gave a clue and asked folks to guess.  As the song was Depeche Mode’s Precious, most folks got it right away.  However, sometimes people think we are more clever than we are and they read a bit more into it.  Someone did that and guessed mending – but they didn’t just say mending, they said:


Is it any better that it’s the August theme?  Maybe not!  

What are we thinking here?

Just fixing broken zippers in old jeans?

Maybe, but we are thinking anything that we mend, fix, repair, make better – the main goal is to take something that we aren’t wearing because there’s something wrong with it (even if that’s the style of it) and fix it so we do.  Or so we can use it. Did you make a burlap dress that is too ugly and scratchy to wear?  Maybe you turn it into a laundry bag.  

Did you make something that is boring? Hahaha!    Maybe an applique or embroidery will fix it.

As per usually, pretty much anything you decide is mending will qualify.  Need to shorten some pants?  MENDING.  Found a seam that came loose?  MENDING.  Taking in the side seams?  MENDING.  I recently had to reinforce some bust darts that lost their way after a couple years of wear & tear:  MENDING.  Taking the sleeves off a shirt?  MENDING.  Sewing a new top because you hate mending?  MENDINGHAHAHAHAHHAA.

I am looking for a solution to a dress that I love.  It is made from linen/tencil from merchant and mills and it is a floaty dream.  BUT, I cut it on the back when I surged one of the layers.  (That awful V shape!) I interfaced it and zigzaged over it well with matching thread, but as I have washed it, the fix has gotten more and more noticeable.  (co worker noticed) NONE of the fabric left.  What to do?

A sewing forum I’m a part of recently asked us to post a status that would alert friends to our kidnapping.  Mine was “I’m settling in with a big pile of mending for a Seth Rogan movie marathon”.  So you know my reputation for disliking mending – but I’m also really intrigued by it.  My new living situation, smaller space, planning for even less in the future, has made me really aware of how little clothing I need to have in my life.  I fall hard for some things, and I’d like to begin focusing on making some “just for now” things, and some “always” pieces.  The always pieces will need mending in the future because fabric is in the end basically delicate against wear & tear & washing & so forth.  So I’m not necessarily excited by mending, but I want to start thinking about how I’ll made it part of my life even if this isn’t the month where I’ll be mending like a madwoman.

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Oh! I’m so thrilled. I think I may have been the one to suggest mending! Hah hah… I’m ducking as people throw things at my head. I guess I’d better do some mending this month. I’ve got a couple things in mind already.

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