130 Sewing Likes & Dislikes

130 likes & Dislikes #pfMending

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Style Arc Teddy Designer top – #pfSewPrecious.  Handwoven fabric from Loom and Stars that Jenny gave me over a year ago.  I made the top without the collar and the facing stitched down and I love it.  Also interfaced the hem facing and it is perfect!

Caramiya Dragonfruit dress as a top – lightweight cotton lawn

New patterns:

Nosara Shirt from Itch to Stitch

The Evergreen Top and Dress from Lesper Lines

True Bias Aster Top and Dress

Likes & Dislikes



  • changing needles
  • cutting fabric out
  • French seams
  • Freshly laundered fabric
  • Rotary cutters
  • Bias tape


  • Changing rotary cutter blades
  • Cutting fabric with scissors
  • Taping patterns together
  • Buttons & buttonholes
  • Fitting

Do you know that I basically never fit patterns to my body specifically ? I’ll shorten a waist, or raise a waist, but don’t do FBAs or full biceps, or shoulders, and whatnot. 

Beverly :


  • Sleeve and popover plackets
  • Altering patterns using my fancy rulers – I enjoy FBAs, altered necklines with facings, moving darts around, moving shoulder seams forward/back, converting from sleeves to sleeveless, etc.
  • Making slash and jeans pockets
  • Making button-up shirts
  • A clean work area
  • Making pretty insides to garments
  • When I can “mend” or alter a garment to make it something I want to wear.
  • Buttonholes on my Babylock
  • Wearing rayon/viscose/tencel garments


  • Cutting out fabric
  • Filling the bobbin mid project
  • Cleaning my serger (except the big cleans when I take it all apart and change knives)
  • Buttonholes on my Pfaff
  • Sewing 100% rayon/viscose/tencel.
  • Wearing button-up shirts

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