137 #pfScaryStuff Intro

Catch up:


I finally made the Tate Jumper by Jessslous – it’s really cute, though my husband couldn’t stop laughing at the style when I showed him. A very quick sew in the denim Beverly got cut for me at mood when we went to NYC. I’m generally short waisted & have to make adjustments for that but here I had to go longer in the body by several inches. 

I’ve cut out my Sawtell but not yet made it – I’ve used an IKEA duvet cover for it & think it’ll be cute but I’ve gotten in my head about that front neck being too difficult so I keep moving it back to the bottom of the pile. 


4 T shirts to wear with skirts.  They are all made using a pattern that comes up just an inch too small for our show.  I’m sure folks can find any number of patterns that fit this bill – it’s a cap sleeved T shirt with a band at the bottom.  Why?  Because I think skirts look good tucked in but I can’t stand the feel of even a french tucked shirt in my skirt/pants.  This will sort of be mock tucked in.  Also planning some cropped options.  

More progress on my Skirt Skills skirt!  I made a mock up of the lantern skirt pattern.  -describe idea and initial draft plus changes.  Next is the basted fitting!  -I’m going to use the twill (circle embossed) that we got at the last shop we went into for fabric in NYC! Also thinking of lining it with SILK – sari silk I Purchased ages ago. 

New patterns:

Matchy Matchy Skipper Top and Dress

Waves and Wild – Jupiter Leggings 

Curvy (Femme) fit  Adult Male/Straight fit

Ooo! I love these! 

Willow belt by Sew House Seven – it’s on sale for $4.80, reg price $6 but I think this one would have made a nice freebie. Maybe I’m wrong 


I love these “scary” challenges because we get to see so many folks try all sorts of things that they normally wouldn’t do.  You can also choose to make a costume if you prefer to go that angle.  

What are some scary things you might want to try?