139:  Getting to know your sewing buddies

139:  Getting to know your sewing buddies

Date: 17 October 

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What have we been up to?


Sundresses. I made one from my indigo dye bath experience & love it. 

Painting on fabric: Shiva stiks which were recommended to me by CaramiyaMau on Instagram.


Range Backpack from Noodlehead

New patterns:

Avid seamstress Wimbourne cocooon coat. 61.6” hip. 

Muna & briad pyrmount skirt. 41.5-71.5” hip

Itch to Stitch Islares Top

Two updated patterns from Sew Over it: The Lana Skirt and Ella Blouse. Sew Over It has a fantastic commitment to going back to all their older patterns to update sizing.  

News from Deer and Doe:

One of the designers/founders (Camille) became ill in March and although she’s getting better, they decided not to release any more new patterns this year.  However, by doing that they are going to be able to take time to re-release the Myosotis dress in their complete size range.  We will talk more about the pattern when it happens, but it’s such a sewing community favorite that I am glad they are taking it on and also that they are prioritizing their health and well being.

Can we talk about the Zadie dress update? It’s not size inclusive.

This week’s topic:

Getting to know your sewing buddies.

About 13 years ago, Whipstitch did a few rounds of pairing up sewing folks as sewing buddies – and part of that involved a questionnaire about your sewing experiences.  I thought we’d use that to learn more about your favorite sewing podcast hosts – and suggest you do the same with folks you’d like to sew with regularly.

Accounts to follow:

  • Somebody_or_others_mom
  • SheilaOKelly
  • TheNeedleAndTheBelle
  • Fabric_Scraps

Tips (from, and others):

  • Want a sewing buddy?  Reach out to someone online or in person that feels compatible to you, with your style of sewing, and start a conversation.

What does it mean for us?


Sewing Experience 

1. What is the first sewing memory you have?  Do you think that memory was a prediction of your future sewing success? 

2. What would you say is your “sewing personality”?  Are you a perfectionist or a procrastinator or a planner or something else?  How does that affect the way you create?  How does it affect the space you do your sewing in? 

3. What is the best thing you ever, ever sewed?  Who was the first person you showed it to?  Would you ever sell it, and if so, how much would you ask? 

4. If time and money and talent were no object, what ONE sewing project would you choose to complete?  Who would you give it to when it was done? 

5. What one sewing skill do you really, truly wish you possessed?  What skill do you think is over-rated and probably not worth learning? 

6. What is the most inspiring sewing project you’ve ever seen (in person or virtually)? 

Joaverystitch 100 days of organic applique

Can we get to know you?  Share your answers to a favorite question and tag us – we’ll pick some to share with our followers!

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