141 #pfScarystuff Recap

Hint for next month’s theme: 

Catch up:


10/9/2023SundressDIY DaisyHello Friend FabricsCottonGiant pink birds
10/12/2023SundressDiY DaisyHello Friend FabricsCottonFrilled lizards

I’ve also picked up some Know Me & McCalls size inclusive patterns. 

Beverly: Two “Obrigada” tops – One made with fabric from NYC trip and one with Liberty

More T-shirts!  Including several that come in a size just a tiny bit too small to discuss here and a plantain tee from Deer and Doe (max 60” hip) – FREE pattern with a leopard print!

New patterns:

Tauko Tuesday!


Style Arc Columbus Woven Jacket

New size range for Deer and Doe Myosotis! Now up to 60” hip.

Sew Over It Portia Dress

DIBY Madam Tulip Crossback Sweatshirt – up to 67”

#pfScary Recap