144 Social Media #pfSelfCare

144 Social Media #pfSelfCare

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Starting a project to sew everything in Made to Meadure

Closet sale on Black Friday & Saturday


Love Notions Ballad Blouse – black linen tencil (M&M) Lengthened and straightened hem, elbow length sleeves

Embroidery machine!

New patterns:

Ingvild by Melilot – up to 62” hip

A timeless and feminine reversible coat, perfect for wearing over dresses with a full skirt. You can choose a basic fabric on one side, and a bright colour or print on the other side, to get two completely different coats in one. It has an asymmetric closure and a clean neckline without collar, as well as side seam pockets. The darts add a nice detail to the clean finish. You can also add a collar or a hood to your coat, by adding the extension pattern.

Cashmerette Club Savin Coat

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