152: Sewing Gratitude

Jan 16: Sewing gratitude

Catch up:

Jenny:  Oh, man.  I’m really in a slump.  I’m so stalled out – but hopefully I’ll be over it soon.  In the meantime, my Diablo IV game is really popping off.  I’ve got 5 level 100 characters, and am ready for the next Season to be released.  LOL!

Beverly: PJs, made entirely from swap fabric!  Top is long sleeved Grainline Hemlock Tee (Free) and bottoms are drafted from my relaxed fit block.

New patterns

DejaVu Dress by Picnicwear up to 66” hip

The Deja Vu Dress is all of the following (but somehow extremely simple and easy to wear):

✿ Reversible: you can wear the vee in the front or the back

✿ Adjustable: each size fits a range of bodies, which means it can be a consistent fave in your closet despite any fluctuations in your body.

✿ Versatile: you can make it to wear as a party dress, an easy day dress, or such that it can be both!

✿ Adaptable: a lot of our testers made some fun adjustments; like adding a second tier at the bottom!

✿ NO CLOSURE: you don’t have to buy or apply zippers or buttons!

✿ SHORT & SASSY: the dress was designed to show off your legs while giving some coverage to your arms. Please lengthen accordingly if that’s not your vibe!

Greenstyle – Brooklyn Jogger

The Adult Brooklyn Jogger sewing pattern is perfect for those who want to stay comfortable and stylish! With features like optional pockets, a back bridge, and cuffs or hem and optional full length gusset – you’ll have joggers suited to any occasion.

Sewing gratitude:


What people & things are you grateful for – sewing related only!

  • Accountability partners.  Jo of FatThighsAndMermaidPants is going to hold me accountable during my Skirt Skills class by Brooks-Ann Camper.  Lori keeps me going when I feel unable to get past a project.
  • Inspirations.  I’m so inspired by what Beverly is doing with her new found drafting skills.  I find Terrance Williams entire Insta presence, and sewing, to be inspirational.  SueChingLascelles inspires me with her designs.  CrisWoodSews is always doing something with a sheer fabric that makes me pause & gasp.  Besta_hesta makes me want to be more avant garde than I am.
  • Draping videos on YouTube. I don’t follow anyone – but i’ll surf around and feel the inspiration.  I get frustrated because I want a dress form that’s like my body but don’t want to make one, and really don’t want to pay thousands for one.  So I love the inspo, but realistically will never actually drape things.


  • Brooksann Camper
  • Pinterest
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  • Big Book of Feet – Bernina

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