156: What’s next? #pfHappyEnding

156: What’s next?  #pfHappyEnding

Feb 13

Catch up:
Jenny: Finished my block and am moving on to my first custom skirt design – but testing things out first in miniature by printing photos of my block & using them to design.

Tauko Magazine also has put out a call for submissions. I’ll submitted a couple designs & then crossing my fingers.  🙂

Beverly: Wedding dress!!!! Finished – details about that

New Patterns:

Cashmerette’s club pattern for a fitted dress block, the Wyman sloper.  Access to all past patterns with a membership at $13/mo.

Style Arc Wren Jacket

Majorelle Shirt and Dress pattern – Itch to stitch

Reef Sweatshirt – Greenstyle Patterns


What’s next for us?  We’ll have some free time, and some stress removed from our lives (because creating on a schedule is usually stressful, right?).  


  • Taking classes: Top Skills, some couture handsewing classes
  • Offering group sewing classes:  I’m going to offer a group sewing things locally on a very small scale just for fun.
  • New podcast: Insewmniacs – with my daughter who also sews too much, and never sleeps.
  • Downsizing
  • Retirement dreaming

My sewing has really slowed down since I started taking Brooks Ann Camper’s Skirt Skills class – but that’s wrapping up now, with my first skirt made from my custom pattern being sewn up now.  I think I’m going to play around with taking more time to focus on high quality, well fitted garments (just skirts, until I sign up for Top Skills next month) with lovely guts.  Beverly has been inspiring for sure!

Beverly: privacy. Hahahaha

Discovering my design style – for now I am really happy with a minimalist style, but that may be more from a starting with basic forms perspective.  Trying to learn about design, but not as simple to find materials as I thought – textbooks

We’ll be keeping the episodes up and hosted for another 12-months – so get them downloaded and listened to while you can.  🙂 

I’ve ordered our final patreon gift – there are still a few spots open if you sign up before the end of February to get it!

Look for Jenny’s new podcast Insewmniacs on podcatchers near you starting in March.