157: Looking Back

157: Looking Back  #pfHappyEnding

Feb 20

Catch up:
Jenny: My first skirt will be a green drill denim I bought at Mulberry Silks.  It’s an aline, with design lines down the center front & at the hip line.  I’m hoping to cut that out this weekend and sew it up next week – since I haven’t yet gotten through the bit about zippers in class.

Beverly: Made another top with my self-drafted pattern – I increased the length, widened it at the hip and center front a little bit.  Used Merchant and Mills 185 linen – I think the goodnight colorway, underlined with black linen.  I think I prefer muslin underlining. Again all the seams finished by hand.  Really enjoy doing that.  

I made a set of PJs.  I used a combination of two free t-shirt patterns to make the top. I love the neckline on the Deer and Doe Plantain, with the looseness of the Rebecca Page toronto tee – went to check the measurements on that one and it seems there is no Rebecca Page website anymore!  What happened?

The pants were made using my loose-fitting pants block.  – which was drafted for non-stretch fabric, but works for pjs – elastic waist.

New Patterns:

Sew Over It Margot dress

StyleArc Zalia max 61” hip

  • Top or dress option
  • Round or “V” neck options
  • Elbow or 3/4 length sleeves gathered into a bind
  • Slight “A” line shape
  • Topstitched front and back feature seams
  • Back split opening with button and loop closure
  • Wide hem facings

Den Jacket Chalk and Notch

Itch to Stitch Bellavista

Topic:  Looking back.  Beverly, feel free to add questions.  🙂

Fav Episode

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I loved this panel discussion so much.
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Fav momentWhen neither of us were sure how the sizing for spools of thread worked.  We worked it out in the episode.  I’m still not sure I understand.
Fav hashtag#pfJustTheTip or #pfProm#pfLegCages #pfHotStuff
What did you learn?
Build friendshipsSo much! 
What do you wish we’d had time to do?I wish we’d had time to commit to building a community home, on discord or patreon, or e ven FB.Transcripts.  Very time consuming to get high quality transcripts done.
Advice for other sewing podcasters?Start with a format of some sort, it’s so helpful when you are unsure where to start.  Don’t have to start with a blank page.
Technical:  with two people, or interviewing people, Buzzprout was easy to work with and for extra $6 they do the mixing so the levels are closer to each other.
Final advice for listeners?Sew with the best materials you can manage if this is your biggest & best hobby. Tell everyone you sew to find new sewing friends.Local sewing stores & swaps for sewing friends. But not that into hanging out with other people.