64: Me Made May

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Beverly – Well, since last we spoke, I didn’t sew much, but I did get engaged and went on a beautiful Puerto Rico vacation! If you are interested in this trip, please look at my instagram grid from Sunday, May 1 through Monday, May 2.  

I did make one thing.  Remember when I needed a plain, flowy top to go with the heavily patterned Closet Core Pietra Shorts I made? I remembered a #pfTNT pattern, the Style Arc Selina Woven top.  I have made three versions of that top now and I love it.  I am including a photo in the show notes of the top with those shorts.  It is a flowy top with ruffled sleeves and ruffle at the hem.  I made it in lightweight black broderie anglaise.  


I’ve made 5 Trillium Dress by Made by Rae since we last spoke I believe – two from Alison Glass yarn dyed woven cottons from Seams Fabric (citrus and pink/purple), one from a STOF quilting cotton (but a wide fabric) from by way of Amazon, one from a Tana Lawn by Liberty from, another check from (wide), and finally the one I’m wearing while we record tonight: a linen hand dyed from my dyeing session in early April. IC 64

I also finished my wearable toile of the Ashton Top from a cotton woven (source unremembered).  I like it – but the next one I’ll make a size smaller since the most important fit point seems to be my upper chest.

Oh, and I finished up my Calder pants – and didn’t wear them for my volunteer activity.  I need to make a top to match, and then I can wear them out and about.

Me Made May: NEW PATTERN collection from Deer and Doe!

What is Me Made May?  What is it for?  Really good blog post from Zoe Edwards (@sozoblog on Instagram) – creator of #MeMadeMay

Sew Liberated – Got an email from Meg McElwee, the founder and designer for Sew Liberated saying that this year she’s breaking up with sustainable sewing.  Here’s a great blog post explaining why.


#MeMadeMayFat #MeMadeMePlus ❤️ first things first: @sozoblog has a series of posts describing the purpose of the Me Made May challenge 🧡 my likely imperfect summary is that the goal is examine the place of #MeMadeClothjng in your wardrobe 💛 it’s a self reflective opportunity regarding your wardrobe, sustainability, and you 💚 it’s not specifically a making challenge 💙 I spent the last week or so going through the main hashtag a

nd finding very little of the body diversity I look for in a challenge 💙 I spent the last week or so going through the main hashtag and finding very little of the body diversity I look for in a challenge 💜 I felt overlooked in the same ways I did last year, the year before 🖤 I couldn’t find an endorsement of tags to help fat sewists be more visible 🤍 I won’t be following the main tag because I’m not feeling great about my feed being overrun by designs I can’t access because of my #BodaciousHips ❤️ I’ll be tagging my posts when appropriate so that I can be part of the what makes the fatness more visible 🧡 and I’ll follow the #fat and #plus versions of the tag to see what’s out there that was designed for me 

After posting this, I heard from dozens of other fat sewists who felt similarly.  Things that came up again and again were feelings of being left out, disappointment in the number of shared items were sizing wasn’t easy to find, but in the end, sizing also wasn’t inclusive, that the originating posts don’t in any way call in fat sewists (it always feels like we’re supposed to accept that since we make our own clothing, there’s no need for us to see ourselves represented – we can represent for ourselves if we just use our imaginations, or something).

Sewing for the Weekend natural dye episode

Dyeing with Turmeric

Another one – cold turmeric dyeing

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