67. #pfSewNatural reveal

Clue for next month’s theme – this one is tough! Hint: the clue is in the chorus, not the title.

Catch up:


I made a really fabulous CaramiyaMaui Dragonfruit Dress from fabric from Julia Allison Cost Gallery.  I added sleeves from the Montrose Top by Cashmerette & it’s really lovely.  

I also made a Dragonfruit from Libery of London Tana Lawn in blue leaf print.  I added sleeves inspired by Katie Kortman, a Gilmore circle skirt, and a lantern-esque border inspired by Marilla Walker.

Made for Mermaids: Aaronica from fabric from Hello Friend Fabrics

Also: I made a cake.

Pink cake with yellow and pink decorations
Jenny’s homemade cake

Now I’ve started to cut out so many things:  I have the upcoming Cashmerette Club new bonus pattern ready to sew up soon – pictures will come when it’s released on 1 June.  In addition, I’ve cut out a linen version of the Ashton top with Katie Kortman inspired ruffled sleeves and a gathered skirt to make a dress.  Finally, I’ve also cut out another Jennifer Lauren Handmade Isla Wrap Dress – in a mid weight canvas black and pink buffalo check.  

I’ve started planning my makes for the TopStitchAtl retreat in June.  So far I know I’m taking fabric for a Blanca flight suit jumpsuit, and for several more Aaronica dresses by Made for Mermaids.  I’m wondering if I could do any ice dyeing there during free time – running out to get ice, and then having a grand old time dyeing things… What do you think?  Over the top?

Beverly: I did my first toile (one leg) using the top down center out system.  Pattern is Eve Trousers by Merchant and Mills (small sizes) (large sizes).  I kind of messed up because toile was out of actual muslin but pants are out of stretch twill (very cheap – wearable toile).  Found a few things out that may make my life easier:  I can grade to a larger size at the waist or I can leave the darts out.  Also, I may not need the zip to pull them up.  I never take the zip down on my jeans. I figure I could leave about an inch or so unclosed at the top and just use the button to make it a little tighter.  Not quite sure how this will work.  

Mood fabrics last weekend!  Posted the fabric I got on my feed. 

Also went to Gray Lines Linen and got some white linen with retro looking shiny white cord couching on it, some embroidered linen (do we still call it broderie anglaise if it’s not cotton?) and some beautiful yarn dyed blue/black linen.  

White fabric with shiny cording sewn into a curvy design
Couched Linen fabric for Beverly’s curtains

I’m in the mood to make cool summer tops and floaty dresses.  

Interview with Michelle from Warp and Weft

We talk about natural dying.

Book: A Dyer’s Garden

Great supplier for natural dyes: Maiwa

New Patterns:

Marilla Walker Anning 

Two women wearing different version of the same dress pattern, standing in front of a white wall
Marilla Walker’s Anning Dress

Size expansion on Closet Core Ginger Jeans – this is exciting to me because I’ve been dying to make them but refused to purchase before.  I immediately bought the pattern and went to Core Fabrics to buy denim and other stuff because $150 for free shipping.  

Style arc Mary Woven Shift dress

Update – new size range and more detailed instructions

#pfSewNatural call outs!

How did we do?  

I mean, I used natural fibers…. But that’s not really a stretch for me.  I had hopes of making an art garment inspired by nature but work and life had other plans this month.  I can still do it though!  Did you get your natural dying done with the stuff you got from Botanical colors? Turmeric?  

Jenny: I used natural fibers, and bought dye to do natural dyeing – but haven’t yet taken time to do it as of today’s recording.  There’s still almost a week left so it’s possible!


Robe in blue and green fabric with birds and trees printed on it
Woman wearing red striped top
Woman wearing blue top


Woman holding camera and wearing khaki colored top with flowers on it

Betsey_karl on instagram

Woman outside in lush green environment wearing blue floral print skirt

JamillaSinger on Instagram

Person wearing olive green pants

Sewnotapro on instagram

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You were totally disparaging natural dyes, just admit it. In my experience, they can be just as bright as synthetic ones (if you know what you are doing). But Jenny is right in that generally they are a bit more of a hassle. On the other hand she does cold-water fiber reactive dyes which I personally think is a hassle, I prefer to just toss some wool or silk into acid dyes. Another point is that you assume natural dyes are better for the environment, but that’s only true if you skip the more toxic mordants, and most people don’t

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