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Fibr & Cloth Studio Iris Pattern

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Jennifer Lauren Handmade Any pdf pattern

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Ashton Top Helen’s Closet

Estella Curve Paper Cut Patterns

DragonFruit Caramiya Maui

Dharma Trading Company Procion Fiber Reactive Dyes


I’ve done some sewing!!!  This week I made a slightly more A-line Ashton top using Pierre Cardin floral fabric from Mood Fabrics.  I added an inch to the hem and made a straight line.  It came out really nice!

Next I made a Caramiya Dragonfruit! Also from Mood.  I love it!  The fabric is the same that I sent to Jenny.  Did you get it yet?  If not, I won’t talk about it.  I totally did!! 

Finally I made an Ashton dress!  I did it just like you said – cut at cropped top length, and add a gathered skirt.  My fabric was about 52 inches after removing selvedge, so I used 2x that width and gathered it.  So many compliments! Yesterday at work a woman asked me, “Where on earth do you shop? You’ve got the best clothes!”  

New patterns:

Elbe Textiles Weiland tank: cropped tank – max measurements 58.5 chest and 50” waist – love to see a C/D cup in a tank.  I am interested in making the Caladium Jumpsuit by Caramiya and I think this would be a great thing to wear under it.

Plus size woman facing forward wearing a black tank top and black bottoms, hands at sides.

Itch to Stitch Sentosa Tank: I don’t usually go for things like this, but I like it.  It is a loose-fitting tank with an asymmetrical pleated neckline.  It is designed for knit fabric but several examples appeared to be woven.  Lots of examples on the website.

Cashmerette Kineton Dress. 

Line drawings of a dress with a deep v neck front and a shallower v neck back.  Gathered at waist, with center seams front and back.  Set in sleeves with a gathering at the top of the sleeve, and elastic at the cuffs.  Second set of images show the same dress but with short gathered sleeves.

Made for mermaids Ruthie Dress: max 64” hip

Colorful image with 8 variations of a garment.  The first four are variations on the tank top including a gathered keyhole neckline & gathered front center. These are show in both cropped and full length tank tops.  The four dresses are the same four variations on the bodice, with full circle skirts that are knee length or above the knee length.

So what’s our topic this month?  We’re taking a cue from our listeners, and this month we’re looking at all things scrappy.  The hashtag is #pfScrappy.  We asked you all to give us ideas for this year’s episodes and MargieMakes, FatThighsAndMermaidPants, and Sara.Fornia all suggested scrap busting, using up what you have, or color blocking – and that’s great for this month’s theme.  

MargiemakesFrugal challenge, like use what you have? Or a pattern you’ve been putting of?
fatThightsAndMermaidPantsScrap buster, but with ideas for fat sewists
SaraForniaScrap buster
SaraForniaColor blocking

Examples might include:

Illustrations of high waisted underwear with the front & back as single pieces of fabric, or as front, back, and sides.  One pair is edged with lace.

Underwear: it’s easy to use up knit scraps here; before I realized I just like my Cacique ready to wear undies, I used my knit scraps to cut fronts, backs, and linings so I’d be ready to make u dies any time. Fav pattern is the Muna & broad Kapunda undies. Up to a 71.5” hip

Line drawings of a shirt with a high round collar that ties in the back.  The sleeves are very fully with gathering at the shoulder, and elastic at the short sleeve hem.  The shirt has a yoke; in the front the yoke has a gathered trim inserted.
Photo of two women wearing a woven shirt that hits at mid-hip.  The seated woman is wearing a white shirt with horizontal tucks in the long sleeves that have elastic at the wrists.  The neckline is a keyhole with ties joined at the center.  The standing woman is wearing the same shirt in a burgundy fabric, with the keyhole neckline ties left open.

Dresses: I love a dress with a yoke for color blocking. I’ve used Friday Pattern Company Sagebrush (max 60” chest), Cashmerette Alton (62” max chest) this way – making the yoke in a solid & the rest of the dress in a coordinating solid, or print. CrisWoodSews Envelope Dress

Isabelle_sews – and if you don’t follow her, you SHOULD!- has posted a few dresses with pieced bodices and I am so inspired.  She mentions in her posts that she was inspired by mabelmade and pettypopcornmakes.  I went to their Instagram pages and OMG!  So much good stuff for this challenge.

Make your own fabric: here you can piece together a quilt pattern & use it to cut out a garment, or strip piece fabrics together to the same end. I have several plans along these lines already. 

Illustration of a very gathered pair of pants; these are so full they might be mistaken for a floor length skirt if you didn't know they were pants.  THere's a seam line below the knee where fabric was joined to make up the length of the pants.

Pants: Tauko Panel pants are designed for color blocking.  Max 53” waist (finished fitted measurement).  

Do you have a treasured fabric? Consider following DivineDita (Nandita) & using it as an accent. 

An instagram profile for divinedita with images of Nandita wearing colorful dresses appear.

Make a garment where you cut each piece out of a different fabric. 

And instagram profile for renegadeseamstres where images are shown of colorful color blocked dresses.

Pdxsquared made this beautiful quilt out of largish pieces of leftover linen – smaller than you’d generally use for a pattern piece, but larger than quilt pieces often are.  

A pieced quilt with very large solid pieces and some smaller pieces.  Random size and colors.

Here’s RenegadeSeamstres to share more ideas on how to make use of scraps in your sewing this month! 

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