70. Cutting into Vintage Textiles – yay or nay?

Episode 70: June 21

Topic: Cutting into Vintage Textiles   #pfScrappy


Fibr & Cloth Studio Iris Pattern

Warp and Weft Textiles $100 gift card

Jennifer Lauren Handmade Any pdf pattern

Catch up:

Chart of projects Jenny made: Olive by Style Arc, Kineton Dress by Cashmerette, Hope by StyleArc, Atlas by Stitch Witch, Self-drafted by Self-drafted, Adrianne by Friday Pattern Company, Veronica Hope by Pattern Division, Saguaro Top by Friday Pattern Company

Attended sewing retreat by TopStitchAtl – and it was divine!  A great time – well organized, good pacing, lots of free time, and focused time.  Staff were amazing.


Made a #pfScrappy dress but it needs some work.  I used some nani iro double gauze and several types of linen and it hangs weird.  It is a landscape dress from a photo of the place Jim and I got engaged.

Boxy dress in angled color blocked fabrics in color to imitate a photo of a sandy beach with a tree in the foreground.
Sandy beach with a tree in the foreground with blue skies.

Made a matching Ashton top to go with the resort wear shirt I made for Jim.  

Two people stand facing the camera; both are wearing black pants, black sandals, and black shirts with art-deco style figures & creatures on the shirts including giraffes, zebras, and snakes.  The figure on the right has their head turned to gaze lovingly at the smiling person on  the left.  Both are also wearing glasses.

Made another Dragon Fruit dress in beautiful leaf printed cotton voile from Mood fabrics. – had a struggle with the serger, but it turned out ok.

Two more Sew House Seven Free Range slacks, one as shorts and one as pants – wide leg version.  I used the most fabulous textured cotton from Core Fabrics.  Love them both!

New patterns: Tauko Tuesday!

Jenny’s favs: note Tauko is available from Warp & Weft Textiles!

Image of the Hepla Dress pattern, showing a black person seated in a white dress with pleats at the center front waist of the dress; they are wearing pink fuzzy clogs, a cream colored neckerchief, and sitting in a plain room with a red tapestry behind them.  Another image shows the same person in a black version of the dress from behind; you can see their braided hair, the split opening at the center back, and a tie to close the neck as they gaze to the right of the image.
A black person with center parted braided hair wears a brown collar with a cascading scarf-like tier.  They are also wearing a blue ribbed shirt.  A smaller image shows black hands wearing similar cuffs in a taupe speckled material.

Marseille Dress – Hey June Handmade

Up to 63” hip

Make by  TFS- May Jean – max hip 63”

Two smiling persons, one white and one black, wear loose fitting jeans with plain white tucked-in tee shirts.  One is a plus sized person, the other is a straight sized person.

Closet Core Patterns Faye Swimsuit

Three persons wearing swimsuits.  Person 1 is wearing a hot pink two piece suit with narrow straps & no cups for the top, and a bikini bottom.  Person 2 is wearing a blue one piece suit with narrow straps.  Person three is wearing an orange two piece suit with no cups for the top, narrow straps, and a full brief bottom.

Max size: 60/53/63

Tilly and the Buttons Coralie swimsuit

Two persons are wearing swimsuits.  Person one is a plus size back person wearing a two piece suit.  The view is from 3/4 back; the top is aqua with a peach ruffle.  The back is a low U back.  The bottoms  are full briefs in lilac.  Person two is a straight sized white person wearing a one piece ruffled suit.  The neckline is scooped with a ruffle.

Max size: 60/53/61


Vintage Textiles & sewing. 

I do a lot of thrifting; I thought talking about re-use, re-fashion, and cutting up vintage textiles might be appropriate.   

Examples might include:

  • Granny Square afghans – make into sweaters, skirts, etc – okay, or not? 
  • Table & kitchen linens as fabric. 
A pair of color blocked shorts made from vintage linens.  The left side is made from terry cloth in orange and a woven Mushroom dish towel; the right size is vertical strips of gold and orange towels.

Brittney talks about making still functional quilts into clothing as akin to gentrification and notes that many quilters still here say they’d be devastated to see their quilts cut up for clothing. Once a quilt no longer functions as a blanket, she likens its use as fabric to a collaboration with the original artist. 

  • Mary Fons (Fons&Porter?) posted a viral video that said quilts into clothing is never ok – and likened it to cultural appropriation. Eek. The language used & tone of the vid got a lot of grief from BIOOC quilters especially. 
  • Is there an intersection with fat here? A quilt is a good-sized bit of fabric from one perspective. 😂

Tiny pricks project – IG – I submitted some artwork for this project.  The formal project is over now, but the account is still a great one to follow.  Diana Weymar created the project – stitching a material record.  Lots of quotes by Trump and responses to him.  She started it using thrifted and other vintage housewares.  

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