74: Deliberate sewing practices

Featuring an Interview with Ruth (@ithacamaven) on the Top-Down-Center-Out method of pants fitting!


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Tate Dress by Caramiya Maui

Cleo Skirt upsized: old, fat model featured in announcement. Spoiler: it’s me

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Beverly: I have been overwhelmed with work this week!  I am about halfway through my first pair of Ginger Jeans!  This is a stretch jeans pattern, recently upgraded to size 32, 63” hip measurement. I’ve purchased 11 oz Cone Mills S-Gene Stretch Denim Deadstock – Indigo from Core Fabrics.  I also purchased a zip and needles from them.  They recommended a stretch interfacing for the waistband that I also purchased but forgot about until just now.  Fitting method- just changing the waist and didn’t do a toile.  For stretch fabric I’d have to make a full pant toile and I didn’t have the appropriate fabric for it.  I probably should have baste fit them, but I didn’t.

I have several dresses on my list to make, but I don’t have time for much sewing right now.  My Tauko magazine came in and the Helpa dress is calling me.  Will I trace it out?  Probably not right now.  I have many already printed.  Probably my next one will be the Gabby or Elora from Fibremood.

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Made by Rae Cleo upsized

Friday Pattern Company Elysian bodysuit

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Sewing deliberately: what does thoughtful sewing look like for each of us? What’s our sewing practice? How has it changed over the years? 


I’m planning to slow down. I’d like to make something every week, with a heavier focus on details, thoughtfulness, ironing, and pins. Is it even possible to change how you approach your sewing?


I want to find a way to successfully add pockets to most things I make. 

Challenge myself to try the cute tutorials I find on Instagram:

Dyeing with liquids:

For me, slowing down involves 2 things right now:

  1. Fit – interview with Ruth Collins about the Top Down, Center Out method of pants fitting, shoulder and pants fitting – you can find Ruth @ithacamaven on Instagram.
  2. techniques with Saremy Duffy of Sew Sew Live – through her Sew Sew Guild

Techniques – bound hems, flat felled seams, handstitching – Inspired by sheila.okelly

  • That iron Jenny mentioned: Oliso TG1600!

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