75: #pfRepresent reveal

Clue for next month:


Style ArcFree patternJuly
FatittyFree labelsJuly
Caramiya – by JennyGardenia ChemiseJuly

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Catch up:

Beverly: I finished my first pair of Ginger Jeans! My top stitching needs a lot of work – I need to practice more with tension, etc.  I am using the Guterman Mara 30 (Tex 100) for the thread.  It is recommended for top stitching but maybe it’s too thick?  Others use something different?

As for modifications, I made the size 16, with a little shaved off the hips and a little added to the waist. I used Cone Mills denim from Core Fabrics – super dark blue.  It is 6% poly, 2% spandex.  I really like it.  The legs are long enough for me!  I forgot to lengthen them and they are totally fine!  


So – all I’ve really done in a week is make a couple dragronfruit tops to go over the dozen + Yesterday Dresses we talked about last time!  I feel positively draggy about my sewing.  I think this is because I’m mostly just organizing, and downsizing, in my home right now.  In organizing, I’m again realizing that I really only want to keep patterns that are printed on the tissue paper by – they fit so well on standard bookshelves and keep everything compact and neat – which is saying something for me!

New Patterns:

True Bias has expanded their sizing on the Shelby Dress and Romper, smaller sizes here.

The model surprised me: Left is small size band, right is large size band… 60/53/62

BUT, I’m glad it is expanded – this is another I’ve been waiting for.  It reminds me of 90’s dresses I used to wear over leggings.  

Love Notions Saltwhistle Top and Dress Max size: 58/50/60

Saltwhistle Top & Dress Features:

  • Meant for woven fabrics
  • 2 views: Peplum and knee length dress
  • 4 sleeve options: sleeveless, ruffle, short puff & 3/4 bishop
  • Square, faced neckline
  • Three tier options
  • Full bust option

Sizes: XS-5X (See Size Charts here)

Skill Level: Intermediate

Kyle & The Machine:

Two sizes: Mule Tote, and Maxi Mule Tote

It’s a one size fits all tote bag – lol.  I know we focus on clothing, but I actually bought this one and have plans for a few totes for farmers markets, gifts, and the like.

Skyler short/skort by RAD patterns:

There are two skirt options – a circle skirt or a fitted skirt; or leave the skirt off altogether for some great shorts! The shorts feature 3 length options – shorties, mid-thigh, and bermuda. They offer an optional crotch gusset and have pockets along the side of the legs.

This pattern is drafted for slightly hourglass proportions. We think it’s important not to gender our patterns, but we recognize that body proportions vary and want you to be able to choose the right fit for you. Our hourglass proportion patterns were previously referred to as “women’s” and are drafted for bust and hip curves.

#pfRepresent recap:  

How did we do???

Beverly: I had all good intentions and just didn’t get what I planned done this month, but to be fair, I still have lots of time!  It’s only the 20th, so I have 11 more days! I received my Tauko magazine and the Helpa is calling me.  This issue, the featured models are a black woman and an old, round Asian woman.  I think anything in this issue totally qualifies for #pfRepresent.

Jenny:  Well, it’s still only 2/3rd of the way through the month – but I think I’ve done fine.  I’ve focused on patterns from one designer (CaramiyaMaui) that offers an unlimited size range (will draft if you exceed the limits of the size range) and diverse models on prior patterns (all are illustrations, not photos).  In addition, Caramiya has shown she cares about getting the curvy fit right before releasing anything for any size block.  

I still have a couple MimiG patterns from Simplicity that now meet our criteria on my table but need to dye some fabric before I can cut & sew.

Overall though, our first do-over hashtag was a bust – not many folks participated.  If you just weren’t feeling it, let us know why so we can adjust as we move forward.  In our poll asking what topics people would like, there was support for re-doing old topics, but right now I feel like we might not do that so directly in the future.  What did you think, Beverly?

Call outs:



JetAndTheBears: Patterns from SewHouse7 & Helen’s Closet with diverse range of models.  Patterns are FreeRangeSlacks & AshtonTop in a teal blue dyed duvet recycling

Sara.Fornia:  A new pattern by CaramiyaMaui – the tate body con dress.  Called out Caramiya’s commitment to size inclusion, noting that Caramiya will draft to fit your body if you aren’t covered in the available sizes.

RonaBirdSews:  HIghlighted a method of resizing tees you buy to fit you – buy the largest size, and use a tee pattern that’s right for your body.  Here the Muna & Broad Tarlee tee was used to refashion a TeePublic shirt.  Brava!

Beverly will be on a break for August – so look forward to some awesome guests hosts in the coming weeks!

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For topstitching, just checking you’re not using the topstitching fabric in the bobbin? When I did the Ginger jeans class at Domesticity, Lauren said not to do that. also to go slow when stitching.

Beverly and Jenny,
Regarding small participation: although I have only participated in one month theme (so probably not the best example), however I reflected that my personal sewing has been way down for July … so perhaps it was not the theme but time of year??
Regarding Beverly’s time off: Good for her to recognize when she needs a break to focus on work, etc so she doesn’t burn out.

I love the podcast and recognize how much work it takes to put it on week after week with enthusiasm and great content.


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