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Let me introduce my co-host for this episode, friend of the podcast Sara.Fornia.

Sara.Fornia on Instagram: Intro!  

  • introduce yourself and tell folks how to find you.
  • When, how, and why did you learn to sew?  Learned to sew from grandma and continued to sew after she passed away.  Stopped sewing in college.  Started sewing again – mostly quilts – when she graduated.  A few years back, a new year’s eve resolution led to her learning to make garments for herself.  Didn’t know about indie patterns or the online sewing community.  Recalls going to Joann Fabrics and buying French curves and long tape measurements to get her head around how to upsize any Big Four pattern.  She assumed she had to learn to draft, but drafting hasn’t been required thanks to indie patterns.  Pretty much sews everything she makes now.  Doesn’t like to sew work out clothing, bras, undies, or PJs.
  • Fav makes: 
  • Fav designers?  Made by Rae, Friday Pattern Company, CaramiyaMaui

New patterns:

Caramiya Maui: Yesterday Dress

How many have you made?

Jenny’s made over 20 at this point!

Line drawings of four different dresses; view A is a low scoop dress with a high babydoll waistline; view B a low school neck dress with an empire waistline; View C a low scoop neck A line with curved hem; View D a low scoop neck a-line tank with a curved hem.  Includes yardage charts  for bodice & skirts.


We’re asking listeners to find inspiration in other makers (or really anywhere) and tag #pfSuperFan.  You can twin with someone (ask permission to duplicate a specific garment/fabric), be inspired by someone (be respectful and check in with your inspiration), or express your Super Fandom (Doctor Who, Manga, whatever).

I’m really energized by this – and wanted to remind our listeners that you can post previous makes (I’ve got SO MANY that were inspired by Katie Kortman, for example) and new makes.  I’m planning to twin Beverly for sure – I’ve already picked out the outfit & the fabric – no surprise that it’s probably blue & linen.

Call us & give us your questions:


Guest Edited by Kelly Hogaboom of Bespoke Hogaboom.

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