Episode 146: #pfJoyful Intro

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11/13/2023GraftonCashmeretteNick of TimeCotton knit
11/14/20239599SimplicityOver the selvageCotton Lycra

Beverly: Gift making, playing with new sewing machine.  Bought a sewing advent calendar from Domesticity because I am spoiled after last year 🙂 Working on Smarty Pants class.

New patterns:

Friday Pattern Co: Pogonip Pullover

The Pogonip Pullover is the perfect layer for all your outdoor adventures! It is an unlined pullover jacket that features welt pockets, a sport collar, and a snap or button half front placket. It is designed for woven or stable knit fabrics so you can have a lot of fun with your fabric choice. It looks great in everything from quilted fabrics, to fleece, to linen! Packing and carrying the Pogonip is a breeze with the fun (and optional), packable pocket (with strap).

Merchant and Mills: Give

Hot Water Bottle Cover (Free)

Drawstring Bag (Free)

The Grove Creations Set


Holidays bring joy for some and darkness for others.  No matter what, we could all use more joy in our lives.  It’s one of the main reasons we sew!  Where is your joy in the process?

  • Buying fabric
  • Choosing a pattern
  • Designing/drafting patterns
  • Cutting out the fabric
  • Time at your machine
  • Extra details
  • Being finished!
  • Sharing on social media
  • Gifting
  • Using scraps
  • Looking at what others have sewn on Instagram
  • Using certain types of fabrics
  • Specific pattern types (does the simplicity of an elastic waist skirt make you happy, or a technical shirt pattern?
  • “Thanks, I made it”

Episode 145: #pfSelfCare Recap

Hint for next month:

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11/11/2023KaliMade for MermaidsOver the selvageCotton lycraHoneycomb
11/12/2023JuniperCrisWoodSewsFirecracker FabricsCotton linenDeadstock watercolors


Beverly: Smarty Pants Semi fit block, Self care – new gym top from old swag

New patterns:

Itch to Stitch Andes Jacket 

Crafted especially for fleece-backed softshell fabric, this pattern showcases intriguing seam details for subtle shaping and visual interest. The Andes Jacket boasts a lined hood and an unlined body, striking the ideal balance between warmth and breathability. With softshell fabric’s exceptional water-resistant properties, this jacket is your ideal companion in drizzly or rainy weather, promising not just protection but also a touch of elegance for the season.

Andes Jacket Features:

  • Options for cup sizes
  • Lined three-piece hood with optional drawstrings on the inside
  • Unlined bodice
  • Sleeves with diagonal seam lines
  • Princess seams from shoulders
  • Ample front pockets with exposed zippers
  • Exposed center front zipped closure
  • High-low hem with a round back
  • Designed for fleece-backed softshell fabric with a touch of stretch

Soft Shell fleece backed fabric 

Style Arc Queenie Woven dress

  • Round neck with a darted fitted bodice
  • “A” line skirt with optional hem frills
  • Centre back zip
  • 4 sleeve options: Double fluted sleeve, elbow length sleeve with double frill and a gathered head, plain short sleeve, long sleeve with a shirred cuff and a gathered head

Silk, rayon, charmeuse

Self Care Recap

Beverly: I did several things on my list.  I made appointments, even went to one already.  The other one is scheduled for April, but at least it is scheduled.  I took off work for almost a whole week around Thanksgiving.  I requested time off around christmas and an extra day to go shopping with my mom.  




Episode 142: #pfSelfCare Intro

142 #pfSelfCare Intro

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Jessilous / Small MuseumJoannCottonSkulls
DiY DaisyFabrics StoreCottonYellow with flowers
Jessilous / Small MuseumFabrics StoreCottonGreen with flowers

I’ve begun drafting my next pattern for Tauko magazine. Eeek! 


New Skirt!  Using my block from Skirt Skills and True Bias copied me. (New patterns section)

Starting the new Smarty Pants session with Brooksann Camper!  So excited.

Went to a class for my new sewing machine.  Only 2 people there and it was the most wonderful, wholesome experience.  I am so happy to have Domesticity fabric shop in my neighborhood.  

New patterns:

True Bias Blair (small) (large) – up to 61.5”

Extended sizing on French Navy Calyer pants! – Now up to 62.5”

I made these pants for both Jim and I and we love them.  Natural with Linen.

Style Arc Columbus Knit Top and Leggings

Sew Over It Overalls

Sew Over It apron – Love that it comes in two size bands – many apron patterns are “one size”

Muna & Broad Loxton pants up to 71.5”

The Loxton Leggings are fast to sew and easy to wear. You can make them full length or in a bike short view.

They feature a side panel with phone pocket and a quick and easy elastic waist so you can fill your wardrobe with this staple. Wear them to work out, run errands, lounge, or style your best athleisure look. They have a high waist for full coverage and can be constructed on a regular domestic sewing machine (no serger required!).


Will we just be making robes and slippers this month?  Does everything count if sewing is our best form of self care? 

We chose this theme because we are starting to get into the season of the year where lots of us focus on doing a lot for others.  This isn’t necessarily bad, but we wanted to remind ourselves to also take care of US. 

We are hoping for lots of ideas for self care this month – and they don’t have to involve sewing!  

You can always just include a way you are taking care of yourself in the comments. 

What are we planning for this month?


-Sewing: I want to sew up some new gym clothes for myself this month.  Some will involve altering race swag, but also want new leggings and other gym pants/shorts.  I went for RTW this summer and I already hate it all because it doesn’t fit right!

I’m also taking the custom pants course, which is investing time and money on me.

-I have a real desire (please hold me accountable) to schedule in my own care in my busy schedule – First and foremost I have several doctor appointments that are overdue because I haven’t wanted to take the time off.  That is changing this month.  I plan to put down in my schedule for the week when I will make appointments – a bit part of the problem is that I can only call the doctors during their working hours.  I need to set some time out of MY working hours to get that done.  If I do not put it in my schedule I will not get it done.  I used to have some free time in my day, but all the day is full if I don’t block time out.


  1. scheming time off work for me. Gaming & sewing. 
  2. Continuing a discontinued tradition of booking Thanksgiving dinner out for everyone. 
  3. Downsizing more or again or still. 

141 #pfScarystuff Recap

Hint for next month’s theme: 

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10/9/2023SundressDIY DaisyHello Friend FabricsCottonGiant pink birds
10/12/2023SundressDiY DaisyHello Friend FabricsCottonFrilled lizards

I’ve also picked up some Know Me & McCalls size inclusive patterns. 

Beverly: Two “Obrigada” tops – One made with fabric from NYC trip and one with Liberty

More T-shirts!  Including several that come in a size just a tiny bit too small to discuss here and a plantain tee from Deer and Doe (max 60” hip) – FREE pattern with a leopard print!

New patterns:

Tauko Tuesday!


Style Arc Columbus Woven Jacket

New size range for Deer and Doe Myosotis! Now up to 60” hip.

Sew Over It Portia Dress

DIBY Madam Tulip Crossback Sweatshirt – up to 67”

#pfScary Recap


137 #pfScaryStuff Intro

Catch up:


I finally made the Tate Jumper by Jessslous – it’s really cute, though my husband couldn’t stop laughing at the style when I showed him. A very quick sew in the denim Beverly got cut for me at mood when we went to NYC. I’m generally short waisted & have to make adjustments for that but here I had to go longer in the body by several inches. 

I’ve cut out my Sawtell but not yet made it – I’ve used an IKEA duvet cover for it & think it’ll be cute but I’ve gotten in my head about that front neck being too difficult so I keep moving it back to the bottom of the pile. 


4 T shirts to wear with skirts.  They are all made using a pattern that comes up just an inch too small for our show.  I’m sure folks can find any number of patterns that fit this bill – it’s a cap sleeved T shirt with a band at the bottom.  Why?  Because I think skirts look good tucked in but I can’t stand the feel of even a french tucked shirt in my skirt/pants.  This will sort of be mock tucked in.  Also planning some cropped options.  

More progress on my Skirt Skills skirt!  I made a mock up of the lantern skirt pattern.  -describe idea and initial draft plus changes.  Next is the basted fitting!  -I’m going to use the twill (circle embossed) that we got at the last shop we went into for fabric in NYC! Also thinking of lining it with SILK – sari silk I Purchased ages ago. 

New patterns:

Matchy Matchy Skipper Top and Dress

Waves and Wild – Jupiter Leggings 

Curvy (Femme) fit  Adult Male/Straight fit

Ooo! I love these! 

Willow belt by Sew House Seven – it’s on sale for $4.80, reg price $6 but I think this one would have made a nice freebie. Maybe I’m wrong 


I love these “scary” challenges because we get to see so many folks try all sorts of things that they normally wouldn’t do.  You can also choose to make a costume if you prefer to go that angle.  

What are some scary things you might want to try?


Episode 136: #pfBetterDoneThanPerfect recap

Catch Up


I’m on a tear with DIY Daisy’s sundress low waste pattern offered free on her website. It’s made to your measurements & I’ve finalized all my adjustments so it works for me the way I want it to. I’ve made about a dozen now, using linen, lawn, and high quality quilting cotton. I’m planning one with ruffles, and one in bark cloth coming soon.

I took a frame weaving class at Local Cloth in Asheville Nc. I love my result. I’m signed up to dip some fabric in the indigo vat as well this week. 

Beverly:  Altered a bunch of “men’s” tees – Three concert shirts, a shirt from our favorite local bookstore, and a festival shirt. My main way to do this is to cut off about 4-5 inches from the bottom, make the neckline wider and deeper, cut off half the sleeve, hem the bottom and the sleeve and use leftover fabric for new neckline.  Perfect new T shirt.

Work on Skirt skills! Altered my block and drew out two ideas for skirts – one is a narrow skirt with patch pockets, buttons up the front, flap opening in the back. The other is a lantern skirt.  

New Patterns:

Friday Pattern Co Bernie Belt bag

French Navy The Goldenrod Dress – up to 62.5” hips – so happy to see French Navy expand their size range!!!

French Navy Roscoe Sweater

#pfBetterDoneThanPerfect recap


Episode 133: #pfBetterDoneThanPerfect Intro

Show notes for this episode vanished into thin air so this is actually a good example of Better Done Than Perfect!

Comments have been disabled on the site due to unmanageable levels of very crude spam, but if you would like to comment, please visit us on Instagram or email us at punkfrockers @ gmail dot com.


 132 #pfMending recap

Sponsor for August: Punk Frockers Swag!

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64YesterdayCaramiyaGrey line linensFlower printed
64YesterdayCaramiyaGrey line linensPink plaid
64YesterdayCaramiyaGrey line linensBlue stripes like Beverly’s

I already had to mend the Blue stripes Caramiya – it got caught in a door and tore, but along the seam in the lower edge of the skirt, which meant it was an easy repair.

Beverly: My entry for #pfMending – cut off two pairs of pants to make shorts 

I’ve started a new course – haven’t quite finished Creative Hinterland, but I’ve started “Skirt Skills” with Brooksann Camper!  So excited.  Will fill everyone in on what I’m learning in case folks are interested but like me – not really sure what it will be about.

New patterns:

Sew Liberated Chanterelle Pants and Shorts

Greenstyle Briny Top

The Briny Top PDF Sewing Pattern is perfect for swim or active wear. This clever, one shoulder design provides added comfort and support, and the optional extra strap and included 2″ Full Bust Adjustment Option makes it customizable for added support if desired. Enjoy freedom of movement whatever your activity with this stylish and comfortable pattern.

Lore Piar Tulip Trousers up to 72” hip

The TULIP Trousers Tailoring Edition are full-length pants with a baggy leg silhouette. 

The highlight is the 4cm high-waisted waistband, tailored to your body. An adjustable hidden buttonhole elastic at the back allows for a customized fit and maximum comfort. Attention to fit is evident with two back darts that contour your curves perfectly. 

Front darts create a beautiful folded effect, reminiscent of a blooming tulip,  adding depth and charm. Delicate thin belt loops add an elegant touch inspired by tulip stems. 

The practical welt pocket on the back side combines function and style. Functional side seam pockets with stay pocket bags.

Easy dressing with a front zipper closure, finished with a fly shield facing, invisible button, and a discreet hook and eye for a polished finish on the outside. 

#pfMend recap

Special call out to Lori Somebody_or_others_mom for her dedication to different interpretations of #pfMend #pfMending – mending her relationship with forgotten projects is my fav!


128 #pfMending Intro

Sponsor for August: Punk Frockers Swag!

Catch up:



Refashion Jenny’s dress into a swingy version of the Ashton. Beautiful and floaty!

Creative Hinterland project – shirt dress

Left hand surgery.  

Got to meet Sheila O’Kelly in person!

New patterns:

Homme Wrap by Elbe Textiles – up to 60” hip

Miranda Skirt by Style Arc – up to 70” hip


  • Gathered skirt
  • Mid-calf length
  • Elastic waist
  • Lined


Lightweight knits or wovens such as bridal tulle, chiffon, silk, voile. Lining: knit or woven fabric.


  • Elastic for waist, 32mm (1 1/2″) width, refer to chart below for cut length.

DIY Daisy – DIY Door Lump – part of her Do it yourself decor series – free pattern!


Last month the theme was #pfSewPrecious and as usual we gave a clue and asked folks to guess.  As the song was Depeche Mode’s Precious, most folks got it right away.  However, sometimes people think we are more clever than we are and they read a bit more into it.  Someone did that and guessed mending – but they didn’t just say mending, they said:


Is it any better that it’s the August theme?  Maybe not!  

What are we thinking here?

Just fixing broken zippers in old jeans?

Maybe, but we are thinking anything that we mend, fix, repair, make better – the main goal is to take something that we aren’t wearing because there’s something wrong with it (even if that’s the style of it) and fix it so we do.  Or so we can use it. Did you make a burlap dress that is too ugly and scratchy to wear?  Maybe you turn it into a laundry bag.  

Did you make something that is boring? Hahaha!    Maybe an applique or embroidery will fix it.

As per usually, pretty much anything you decide is mending will qualify.  Need to shorten some pants?  MENDING.  Found a seam that came loose?  MENDING.  Taking in the side seams?  MENDING.  I recently had to reinforce some bust darts that lost their way after a couple years of wear & tear:  MENDING.  Taking the sleeves off a shirt?  MENDING.  Sewing a new top because you hate mending?  MENDINGHAHAHAHAHHAA.

I am looking for a solution to a dress that I love.  It is made from linen/tencil from merchant and mills and it is a floaty dream.  BUT, I cut it on the back when I surged one of the layers.  (That awful V shape!) I interfaced it and zigzaged over it well with matching thread, but as I have washed it, the fix has gotten more and more noticeable.  (co worker noticed) NONE of the fabric left.  What to do?

A sewing forum I’m a part of recently asked us to post a status that would alert friends to our kidnapping.  Mine was “I’m settling in with a big pile of mending for a Seth Rogan movie marathon”.  So you know my reputation for disliking mending – but I’m also really intrigued by it.  My new living situation, smaller space, planning for even less in the future, has made me really aware of how little clothing I need to have in my life.  I fall hard for some things, and I’d like to begin focusing on making some “just for now” things, and some “always” pieces.  The always pieces will need mending in the future because fabric is in the end basically delicate against wear & tear & washing & so forth.  So I’m not necessarily excited by mending, but I want to start thinking about how I’ll made it part of my life even if this isn’t the month where I’ll be mending like a madwoman.


127 #pfSewPrecious Recap

Next Month’s clue: 

What do you think the theme for August will be????

July sponsor: Made By Rae, $50 gift card!!!

Catch Up: 


Beverly: Teddy Designer top in purple Brussels washer linen

Alteration of Closet core Kalle that I wasn’t wearing

Alteration of Dragonfruit from last summer – shortened but the hem is WAY off

Sewing community news:

This post from elbe_textiles:

New patterns:

Icaria Pants from Itch to Stitch

Teague Dress from Daughter Judy designs – up to 67” hip

Bernadette Skirt from Friday Pattern Co. – She used an older model!!! 


How have we done so far on our plans:

Beverly: I am going to use the beautiful hand woven fabric that Jenny gave me as a gift!  She gave me 4 yards so I would have plenty to make something lovely to wear.  I have felt like I can’t cut into it for fear that I won’t do it justice!  Leaving it in my stash is so much worse!


I think I’m going to try and use up my precious linen scraps and make some scrappy dresses!