Ep. 12 The Glamorous Korrie!

In this episode, Jenny and Beverly chat with Korrie Riddle, KorrieKorrie on Instagram about her sewing journey and her style. We had a lot of fun recording and we’re sure you’ll also have fun listening.

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“>Lekala Patterns

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Friday Pattern Company Vernazza swimsuit

Rebecca Page Classic Swimsuit

Cashmerette Concord Tee

You can Find Korrie at:

Personal Instagram

Needle and Wick Instagram, Needle and Wick Etsy

Coven By Korrie Instagram, Coven by Korrie Etsy

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 Nina Lee Bakerloo Dress


Episode 11: Introducing #pfGlam

In this episode, Beverly and Jenny discuss our recent makes, sewing plans and our fun new theme for May!

Cris Wood Envelope dress

By Hand London Leo Dungarees

Fibre Mood Edition 14

Fibre Mood Harmony top

By Hand London Anna Dress

Pam Howard Tailored Shirt class

RAD unisex jumpsuit

 Fibremood Rosalie



Be sure you get your corsage and join us.  This will be spectacular.  So what are you waiting for?  Go rate & review us at your favorite podcast supplier – and then start planning.  Be sure and tag #pfglam so we can follow you as you decide what to make, plan the fabric & other choices, and begin to sew.  


Episode 10: #pfDrafty reveal!

Clue for next month! What do you think it will be?

Pam Howard’s Craftsy class The Classic Tailored Shirt

Alexander Henry fabric

Image of person from waist down wearing a dress made from a sheet
Self-drafted skirt from thrift store sheet
Person taking selfie photo in a mirror, wearing a floral top with a green background
Helen’s Closet March top using straight peplum – dropped neckline and made flounce. See photos below
Photo of an altered pattern piece to demonstrate lowering neckline
Altered pattern piece to demonstrate how to add a flounced peplum


Episode 9: All Genders Welcome

In this episode, we discuss the importance of making people of all genders feel welcome in the sewing community. We learned so much from the seven people who donated their time to us and we hope you will too.

Instagram: Jocelyn and Teukie

Instagram: Tess, Jessy (Seams Fabric), Laura Lee, Katie, and Shannon

Also on Instagram, Sew Queer

Submit blog post ideas to:

Sew Queer Events page – They hold a virtual sewing circle every month!

Jessy’s Fabric Store .

picture of feet in sandals
Beverly’s new crocs
picture of feet in sandals
Crocs Brooklyn

Jenny’s fabric store

Rad patterns


Bonus Episode!

Jenny and Beverly discuss their favorite patterns that were released in the first quarter of 2021.

Tutorial on how to draft side pockets

How to Draft Sleeves


Episode 8: Size Bias in Sewing Patterns

Please go to Jenny’s Blog Post to read more about this important subject.

100 Acts of Sewing A-line Dress

FREE Toronto Tee

Peppermint Pleated summer dress

#pfWTF: Michelle @sewverymuch

Two piece combo with lovely bright printed fabric – ashton top with peppermint pocket skirt. So cute!


Helen’s Closet

Style Arc

Friday Pattern Company

Muna and Broad


Episode 7: Introducing #pfDrafty

In this week’s episode, Jenny and Beverly discuss April’s theme: #pfDrafty! The connection to the clue was very weak (we know it!) – “Blowin’ in the wind” –> Drafty –> Draft your own garment or part of a garment.

The importance of ease

Side by side photo of Jenny wearing a skirt with the full ease intended by the designer on the left and with less ease on the right.
Photos to demonstrate the difference in how a garment looks using a different ease than the pattern is designed for. Both are lovely skirts, but the point is – they are not the same skirt.

Jenny’s poncho pattern

#punkfrockerWTF (who to follow): Sierra Ferguson (Sew_very_sierra)

You can find Jenny at: @johassler on Insta & 

You can find Beverly at @weedstowildflowers on Instagram and at

And you can find the podcast at @punkfrockers and at


Episode 6: #pfWhoAreYou Reveal!

Here’s your clue for next month! We will be SUPER IMPRESSED if anyone guesses it from this clue!

Allison Tent Dress

Vogue 1611

Image of woman in homesewn pajamas.
Photo of woman in very colorful running tights
Jenny asked what running tights are – here are a pair I made for myself.

Arcadia joggers

Hemlock Tee

Browse #pfWhoAreYou makes here

Hinterland dress


Episode 5: Definitely Not Guaranteed Sewing Tips

Jenny and Beverly discuss their favorite sewing tips. While they hope these tips are helpful, they are not guaranteed. See links below for more reliable sewing advice.


Episode 4: Make it your own