Episode 26: Creative Uses for Tools

CrisWoodSews Parasol, Fibremood Rosalie, Chalk&Notch Farrah. 

Fabrics Store Linen for Bedding

Free Range Slacks in Robert Kauffman Essex Linen

Laser Marker for seam allowance


Episode 25: Kelly Hogaboom

***Note: This episode was first published with an unedited intro with mistakes that we corrected immediately (misgendering and unsure of name pronunciation) but needed to edit out. When I (Beverly) was putting the episode together I inadvertently used the unedited version of the intro. We have since fixed it but your podcast player may have already downloaded the incorrect version. So sorry for any harm we have caused. And thank you so much to the kind listener that reached out to tell us of our mistake so we had a chance to fix it.

Kelly’s website:

Bespoke Hogaboom Instagram

Kelly Hogaboom Instagram

By Hand London Anna Dress

Elizabeth Suzann Clyde Pants

Helen’s Closet Ashton Tank

Sew House Seven Free Range Slacks

Cris Wood Sews Parasol Top

Pattern companies that allow you to sell what you make

Starting at about 2:30

The Fabrics Store – ok to sell makes from their patterns


Episode 24: #pfAnarchy


Cashmerette Upton

Adrianna Dress Friday Pattern company

Fibre Mood Rosalie

White woman with red hair wearing a seafoam green sundress, standing against a bright yellow background.

“floral patterns are out”


Episode 23: #pfOldIsNew Reveal

Clue for next month’s theme! What do you think it will be?

Chalk and Notch Patterns

Marcel Dress and Top, Fringe Dress and Top, Farrah pattern

Cris Wood Sews Parasol Top

Blackbird Fabrics – viscose linen noil

Jenny’s destash instagram account

Melanated Fabrics



Episode 22: Refashioning ideas

L’Etoffe Fabrics 

Cashmerette Upton 


Curvy Pattern Database

June Releases or Updates

Ko-fi account for Curvy Pattern Database

Bastion culottes 

Fibre Mood Harmony

Image of black woman in black and white spotted knit top and tan colored sailor-style culottes.

Sandeep Dress 

Roseclair Dress 

Patterns 4 Pirates infinity. 

Rabbit Bras

Friday Pattern Co – Avenir Jumpsuit


Episode 21: Age Representation

Emily’s Fat and Aging Highlight

Sue’s Blog –


Episode 20: #pfOldIsNew

Adrianna dress

 CrisWoodSews parasol dress

Helen’s Closet Ashton

Fibre Mood 15!!!!

Vikki Dress – similar to By Hand London Tamzin

White woman standing wearing mustard yellow sleeveless dress with gathered tiers and horizontal pleats on the skirt.
Black woman standing on the beach wearing sleeveless red dress with gathered tiers and horizontal pleats on skirt.

Pippa Dress

Line drawing of a dress with a pleated bodice, full skirt and thin straps.
White woman wearing brown dress with pleated bodice and tan blazer on top

Chloe Top

White woman sitting on grass wearing a blue top that ties on one shoulder and leaves the other shoulder is bare.   She is wearing light tan pants.

“Lizzo Orange Tiered Dress”

Large black woman wearing a one shouldered orange dress with several ruffled tiers and the tiniest purse ever.

Viola Top

Very thin white woman wearing a black gingham top and pants. The top has approximately one inch wide straps and a fitted bodice with a peplum.

Helen’s Closet Reynolds

#sewmystashsummer – Beverly’s hashtag which she isn’t even using

ABC News “The Truth About Where Your Donated Clothes End Up,” By MIKE LEE December 21, 2006, 11:55 AM, “What Really Happens to Unwanted Clothes? Your castoffs live on after your closet cleanout.” By Beth Porter

Washington PostDo you know what’s happening to your clothing donations?” By Amy Freeman, Jan. 28, 2020 “What happens to your clothing donations?” and “Why these African countries don’t want our clothing waste” “Fashion Industry Waste Statistics”

Reference Notes:

  3.;  Forbes – Making Climate Change Fashionable – The Garment Industry Takes on Global Warming
  4. Timo Rissanen, “From 15% to 0: Investigating the creation of fashion without the creation of fabric waste,” Presenter, Kreativ Institut for Design og Teknologi, September 2005.
  7. | Secondary Materials and Recycling Textiles [SMART]
  9. United Nations Partnership on Sustainable Fashion and the SDG’s
  11. Global Fashion Agenda –
  12., online resale –

Other References:

Redress | The Positive Power of Fashion


Ep 19: Elisalex from By Hand London

By Hand London

Online dart manipulation for fit and design – July 5, 2021

Elisalex on Instagram: @elisalex @byhandlondon


Episode 18: Diversify your IG feed

Helen’s Closet Ashton top

Essex Linen

Sew Liberated Estuary skirt

Cobalt Linen from Fabrics Store

Glissando pants and shorts

Cris Wood Sews Parasol










Some individual accounts you may want to follow:



@aaronicabcole @needleandthebelle

@thejeffreymarsh – not sewing related but a wonderful nonbinary activist




@shooglet – not sewing related – fat artist that features photographs of very fat bodies

Clown Fabric:


Episode 17: #pfRepresent – Community Call Outs

CrisWoodSews Parasol

Made by Rae Trillium (Max 59” chest & hip) & Geranium dresses (max 29.5” chest)

Three people, two women and a girl, in an elevator taking a photo.  They are all wearing dresses made from the same material.

The Sewing Studio: 

Hey June Handmade Allspice Apron

Elizabeth Suzann Clyde Work pants 

Aaronica Dress

Advertisement for a sewing pattern.  Shown are two black women and one white woman wearing different versions available in the pattern.
Screenshot of drawings of all the variations that can be made from the "Aaronica" pattern.

Sew Liberated Estuary Skirt


Cashmerette Upton Dress