Bonus Episode

Catch up:

Beverly: I want to thank @margieMakes for a gift she sent from Australia! Beautiful mask (I want the pattern!) and handmade earrings! Agreed – what a kind thing to get from a listener.  

Sadly have to postpone trip to Puerto Rico. 

I made another Merchant and Mills Dress Shirt in “featherwale” corduroy from Mood fabric 

Definitely qualifies for #pfMyStyle !


1/6/2022 Chive Caramiya SSEFabrics Purple/green plaid

1/8/2022 Rosalie Fibremood Hello Friend Fabrics Linen & Covid Bird

1/8/2022 Test Test Mood Jacket cotton sateen

1/8/2022 Parasol CrisWoodSews Hello Friend Fabrics Linen & Puffins

1/8/2022 Parasol CrisWoodSews FabricGodmother UK Swiss dot with giraffes

As I mentioned in our year end episode, I’m working on spending my sewing $ at local businesses – globally. I’ve pinned a post on my Instagram profile a post where there are dozens and dozens of suggested shops for that purpose.  Go check it out.  In my makes so far this year, all my fabrics come from smaller businesses, from around the world.  

#StyledSeated  #SewnShownSeated

This hashtag is a good way to help sewists see what a garment would look like when worn seated.  I’ve found a small stool I’ll use for my roadway pictures when possible in the future.  

#pfStyleSwap – I have a few tops going in for a swap. All made to fit my measurements which will be listed in description. All shipped for free. 

I’ve offered a Pona Jacket by Helen’s closet – the one I made for Halloween.  It’s not one I reach for – love the style, but the colors don’t work well with my current wardrobe.  I’ll be offering a couple more things this month as well.  Mine are free shipping worldwide, but I’ll do a drawing if more than one person wants the item.  For future ones I might offer only to others who are also offering – what do you think, Beverly?

Sew Over It Frida

#pfMyStyle ideas: 

I’m considering an Instagram live to review my fabrics & see if I can ID what is, and isn’t, my style.  I struggle to get it right when I’m shopping.  There are lots of fabrics I buy and just give to my daughter rather than sew up.  I’m not sure I can see the common thread yet.  I find my style changes often – as I find the latest & greatest pattern that I love – and they don’t all have things in common.  My most made last year was the Tarlee, a loosely fitted t-shirt dress.  I think the Chive, a fitted sweatshirt dress will likely be this year’s favorite.  Other big favs are dresses like the Rosalie & the Parasol (similar loose style in woven fabrics), and the Upton, Dora, and Trillium (woven & fitted).  I’m still at a loss for how to define my style.  I think if I had to sum it up I’d say its best represented by the fabrics & colors, more than the specifics of the dresses. I like a custom or fairly unique fabric best of all.  Loud, rich, colors & patterns.  Simple styles (less than 10 pattern pieces, preferably less than 6).

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