158: Happy Ending

Catch up:


I made a skirt! And another skirt! I even like one of them very much. 

Planning to go to Atlanta Frocktails first weekend in May

Planning to go to Atlanta Sewing & Quilting Expo in March

Also going to Atlanta with Beverly!

Beverly:  I made a lot!  Two new dresses – one using a fanciful rayon twill with unicorns and forest creatures, underlined with navy cotton voile. So flowy and soft.  Darts→ ease and a little extra at sides to make a flowy – tent-style dress.  Sleeves are long, bishop style with cuffs.

Second dress uses the same pattern but with cap sleeves.  It is the floral/foliage print from Mood. Slight seersucker texture, bottle blue/green, muslin underlining.  – maybe didn’t need that but I like it.

Two T-shirts – perfecting my T-shirt pattern.  One is with a cheap rayon jersey from Nick of time and one is my favorite modal cotton lycra blend from Stylemaker fabrics.  Love it!

T shirt for Jim – slinky navy rayon jersey.  Trying to perfect a t shirt pattern for him too.

Finally, took the dress pattern above, omitted button band and cut off 24” in length.  Royal blue linen/rayon blend.

New patterns:

Do you think you’ll keep buying commercial patterns once you learn to create your own top block??! 

Helens closet Nelson Pants

The Nelson Pants are the perfect comfy loungewear – and they are quick and easy to sew! All views feature a fabric waistband that is soft on the tummy. Views A and B have an extra tall waistband that can be folded over. View C has a shorter waistband. Three lengths are provided – full length, cropped pants, and knee length. Nelson has a snug fit through the waist and hip and is loose through the legs. Sew Nelson in soft and stretchy knits like bamboo jersey for everyday wear and lounging. Try them in athletic knits for yoga and other activities. Nelson can be sewn on a home sewing machine; a serger or overlocker is not required.

Helen’s closet slocan top

The Slocan Tank is a versatile top that can be made as a layering piece, standalone top, or even as a bralette! Slocan offers a snug fit and three different lengths to choose from. Make a longer camisole (view A), a cropped top (view B), or a bralette (view C). All views feature a knit binding finish on the neckline and straps. View C features an elasticated hem. Instructions are included for how to combine view A or B with view C to make a top with a built in shelf bra. The shoulder straps are customizable in length.

Matchy Matchy Sewing Club All around Crew 

The All Around Crew is designed with comfort in mind and includes two views. View A is cropped and hits at the natural waistline. View B is tunic length and hits below the hips. Both views have a wide, relaxed fit with dropped shoulders and a gently curved back hemline. The boxy style sleeves are meant to be worn cuffed for a casual look. If you have never sewn with knit fabric before this is a great, simple pattern to start with!

Mira Crossover Sweater – Petite Stitchery

The Mira Crossover Sweater makes sewing a breeze with its dolman-style bodice and chic tall cuffs. You can personalize your look by choosing between a sophisticated fold-over shawl neckband or a sleek thin one, ensuring your neckline matches your vibe. With options for modest crop, top, or tunic lengths, this pattern is designed to cater to everyone’s unique style. 

Final show – 

What did we accomplish?  Almost 180K downloads!

How did we change as sewists?

What did we learn from each other?

What is Jenny’s new show going to be about?  Is it easier to coordinate with your daughter who lives locally?  Is she less structured?  Do you feel freer with less structure?  

Thank our listeners and especially our Patreon subscribers for all of their support over the past THREE YEARS!

Gifts go out to all at gift level as of 29 Feb. basically, if you’re charged for March on March 1st, you get our final gift! 


157: Looking Back

157: Looking Back  #pfHappyEnding

Feb 20

Catch up:
Jenny: My first skirt will be a green drill denim I bought at Mulberry Silks.  It’s an aline, with design lines down the center front & at the hip line.  I’m hoping to cut that out this weekend and sew it up next week – since I haven’t yet gotten through the bit about zippers in class.

Beverly: Made another top with my self-drafted pattern – I increased the length, widened it at the hip and center front a little bit.  Used Merchant and Mills 185 linen – I think the goodnight colorway, underlined with black linen.  I think I prefer muslin underlining. Again all the seams finished by hand.  Really enjoy doing that.  

I made a set of PJs.  I used a combination of two free t-shirt patterns to make the top. I love the neckline on the Deer and Doe Plantain, with the looseness of the Rebecca Page toronto tee – went to check the measurements on that one and it seems there is no Rebecca Page website anymore!  What happened?

The pants were made using my loose-fitting pants block.  – which was drafted for non-stretch fabric, but works for pjs – elastic waist.

New Patterns:

Sew Over It Margot dress

StyleArc Zalia max 61” hip

  • Top or dress option
  • Round or “V” neck options
  • Elbow or 3/4 length sleeves gathered into a bind
  • Slight “A” line shape
  • Topstitched front and back feature seams
  • Back split opening with button and loop closure
  • Wide hem facings

Den Jacket Chalk and Notch

Itch to Stitch Bellavista

Topic:  Looking back.  Beverly, feel free to add questions.  🙂

Fav Episode

Episode 5: Definitely Not Guaranteed Sewing TipsEpisode 100 bloopers
Fav Interview(s)Episode 9: All Genders Welcome
I loved this panel discussion so much.
Episode 51: Sheila O’Kelly
Episode 48: Saremy
Fav momentWhen neither of us were sure how the sizing for spools of thread worked.  We worked it out in the episode.  I’m still not sure I understand.
Fav hashtag#pfJustTheTip or #pfProm#pfLegCages #pfHotStuff
What did you learn?
Build friendshipsSo much! 
What do you wish we’d had time to do?I wish we’d had time to commit to building a community home, on discord or patreon, or e ven FB.Transcripts.  Very time consuming to get high quality transcripts done.
Advice for other sewing podcasters?Start with a format of some sort, it’s so helpful when you are unsure where to start.  Don’t have to start with a blank page.
Technical:  with two people, or interviewing people, Buzzprout was easy to work with and for extra $6 they do the mixing so the levels are closer to each other.
Final advice for listeners?Sew with the best materials you can manage if this is your biggest & best hobby. Tell everyone you sew to find new sewing friends.Local sewing stores & swaps for sewing friends. But not that into hanging out with other people.

156: What’s next? #pfHappyEnding

156: What’s next?  #pfHappyEnding

Feb 13

Catch up:
Jenny: Finished my block and am moving on to my first custom skirt design – but testing things out first in miniature by printing photos of my block & using them to design.

Tauko Magazine also has put out a call for submissions. I’ll submitted a couple designs & then crossing my fingers.  🙂

Beverly: Wedding dress!!!! Finished – details about that

New Patterns:

Cashmerette’s club pattern for a fitted dress block, the Wyman sloper.  Access to all past patterns with a membership at $13/mo.

Style Arc Wren Jacket

Majorelle Shirt and Dress pattern – Itch to stitch

Reef Sweatshirt – Greenstyle Patterns


What’s next for us?  We’ll have some free time, and some stress removed from our lives (because creating on a schedule is usually stressful, right?).  


  • Taking classes: Top Skills, some couture handsewing classes
  • Offering group sewing classes:  I’m going to offer a group sewing things locally on a very small scale just for fun.
  • New podcast: Insewmniacs – with my daughter who also sews too much, and never sleeps.
  • Downsizing
  • Retirement dreaming

My sewing has really slowed down since I started taking Brooks Ann Camper’s Skirt Skills class – but that’s wrapping up now, with my first skirt made from my custom pattern being sewn up now.  I think I’m going to play around with taking more time to focus on high quality, well fitted garments (just skirts, until I sign up for Top Skills next month) with lovely guts.  Beverly has been inspiring for sure!

Beverly: privacy. Hahahaha

Discovering my design style – for now I am really happy with a minimalist style, but that may be more from a starting with basic forms perspective.  Trying to learn about design, but not as simple to find materials as I thought – textbooks

We’ll be keeping the episodes up and hosted for another 12-months – so get them downloaded and listened to while you can.  🙂 

I’ve ordered our final patreon gift – there are still a few spots open if you sign up before the end of February to get it!

Look for Jenny’s new podcast Insewmniacs on podcatchers near you starting in March.


#pfHappyEnding Intro

Catch Up:


Tate in upholstery fabric to match my grandma’s wingback

Chive in Lisa Frank leopard print French terry


Wedding dress progress!  I’ve made the final full muslin toile.  I have completed main bodice and skirt, which are underlined.  I still need to do the lining for this and add the sleeves. I haven’t put the bodice and skirt together because I am making a waistband that I am embroidering with all the things I am grateful for about Jim. Also, before I join them up, I will add the flounces to the skirt.  Pretty pleased with it.  Wedding is in just over a month as we record this and I think I am in great shape on time.  

New Patterns:

Love Notions Clef Coat

Swimstyle Andi Set (up to 60” hip, which they call 9X!)

Elizabeth Susann – three new patterns (up to 66” hip)

Linn Tee

Maxine Crop

Bel Skirt

#pfHappyEnding Intro

What did our clues have to do with the theme?  Haha – NOTHING!  We wanted to use our favorite songs because this is the final month of Punk Frockers.  Our theme this month is #pfHappy Ending. 

I’m so sad about this but look forward to seeing everyone’s memories. 

  • Revisit any previous theme that you loved
  • Make a new theme that you wanted us to do but we didn’t
  • Post a favorite memory of the show
  • Tell us how much you loved the show and if it brought anything to your sewing practice or just joy in listening we would love to hear it.  

154: #pfNewYearsResolutions recap

Clues for next month’s theme

From Jenny:

From Beverly:

Catch up:


I’m in the middle of the Sirt Skills class. It’s amazing, Brooks Ann is amazing. I raised a concern about a bit of language that felt bad to me, and she apologized, and fixed it in the recording & slides asap. It was amazing. 

Beverly: Self-drafted Rayon top underlined with washed muslin.  

New Patterns:

Style Arc Livvy woven dress (up to 70” hip)

Sew Liberated Sylvan Jacket Pattern (up to 61” hip)

Pattern Scout Joni Blouse and Dress (up to 60” hip)

#pfNewYearsResolutions recap


PF 153 Creative Doldrums

Jan 23 – Creative doldrums

Catch up

Jenny: I’ve cut out seven different garments (no duplicates) and really hope to feel inspired to sew them up soon.  Some are things I’ve made before – but not repeats in the pile of cut patterns.


Finished some knitting – socks and a “Rockit tee” 

Two muslins for my wedding dress!  Been documenting for a potential blog post.  

New patterns

Wickelpullover up to 59.5” hip

The highlight of this wrap sweater is the side seam fold, which cleverly creates a casual and flattering drape of the fabric. The deep V-neck allows you to elegantly highlight tops worn underneath or provide extra warmth over a chic blouse.

Garnet by MadebyRae – up to 70” hip

How to get out of a creative slump – or is that even something you need to do?

Here’s an article with thoughts. 

  • Take a class.  I’m taking Skirt Skills by Brooks-Ann There SIX DAY in person class in Baltimore with Susan Khalje – they have them in May, Sept and Dec.  I am seriously thinking of attending the September one.  It’s expensive $1800, but it’s for 6 days and seems so great.  

Also, I signed up for Craftsy again (1.49) and have been taking couture sewing classes on there with Alison Smith.  Not nearly as in depth, but satisfying my desire for classes.

  • Illustrate your dream projects.  I use MyBodyModel (now part of the Cashmerette family). Brooksann teaches you how to make a croqui from a photo of yourself.  She does it using paper, but I imported it into Procreate and I love it.  
  • Buy or use some PRECIOUS FABRIC or, make a muslin if that’s more comfortable.  
  • Sew for someone else – oh, sure
  • Mend
  • Take a break from sewing purposefully
  • Take a break for social media, and sew instead
  • Watch a Oscar winning film for the costumes
  • Spend some time on another hobby
  • Organize your sewing space

Patreon/rate review


152: Sewing Gratitude

Jan 16: Sewing gratitude

Catch up:

Jenny:  Oh, man.  I’m really in a slump.  I’m so stalled out – but hopefully I’ll be over it soon.  In the meantime, my Diablo IV game is really popping off.  I’ve got 5 level 100 characters, and am ready for the next Season to be released.  LOL!

Beverly: PJs, made entirely from swap fabric!  Top is long sleeved Grainline Hemlock Tee (Free) and bottoms are drafted from my relaxed fit block.

New patterns

DejaVu Dress by Picnicwear up to 66” hip

The Deja Vu Dress is all of the following (but somehow extremely simple and easy to wear):

✿ Reversible: you can wear the vee in the front or the back

✿ Adjustable: each size fits a range of bodies, which means it can be a consistent fave in your closet despite any fluctuations in your body.

✿ Versatile: you can make it to wear as a party dress, an easy day dress, or such that it can be both!

✿ Adaptable: a lot of our testers made some fun adjustments; like adding a second tier at the bottom!

✿ NO CLOSURE: you don’t have to buy or apply zippers or buttons!

✿ SHORT & SASSY: the dress was designed to show off your legs while giving some coverage to your arms. Please lengthen accordingly if that’s not your vibe!

Greenstyle – Brooklyn Jogger

The Adult Brooklyn Jogger sewing pattern is perfect for those who want to stay comfortable and stylish! With features like optional pockets, a back bridge, and cuffs or hem and optional full length gusset – you’ll have joggers suited to any occasion.

Sewing gratitude:


What people & things are you grateful for – sewing related only!

  • Accountability partners.  Jo of FatThighsAndMermaidPants is going to hold me accountable during my Skirt Skills class by Brooks-Ann Camper.  Lori keeps me going when I feel unable to get past a project.
  • Inspirations.  I’m so inspired by what Beverly is doing with her new found drafting skills.  I find Terrance Williams entire Insta presence, and sewing, to be inspirational.  SueChingLascelles inspires me with her designs.  CrisWoodSews is always doing something with a sheer fabric that makes me pause & gasp.  Besta_hesta makes me want to be more avant garde than I am.
  • Draping videos on YouTube. I don’t follow anyone – but i’ll surf around and feel the inspiration.  I get frustrated because I want a dress form that’s like my body but don’t want to make one, and really don’t want to pay thousands for one.  So I love the inspo, but realistically will never actually drape things.


  • Brooksann Camper
  • Pinterest
  • #sewingdresses, #sewingpants, #sewingtops
  • Big Book of Feet – Bernina

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151 looking back at 2023

Jan 9 – looking back at 2023

Catch up

Jenny: I’ve not really been sewing a lot as the year ends, so I guess my big make was my Mrs Claus costume from Honeybourne by Cashmerette.  🙂

Beverly: Two pairs of chinos! Olive oxford and taupe twill from Stylemaker Fabrics

Finished my hand quilted vest from the class I took at end of 2022. Gave to mom for Christmas.

New patterns:

Brenda Brief – Porcelynn patterns.  Up to 63” hip. 

This pattern has 4 view options, two are high waisted and two are mid rise. The youth version is included which features only View A. This brief was created to incorporate a wide variety of body sizes. 

Encore Skirt – Love notions

Encore Skirt Features:

  • Four body styles – pencil, a-line, full and pleated
  • Two lengths – above knee and midi
  • Large pockets!
  • 2 videos for the pocket construction & zipper/waistband construction
  • Meant for woven fabrics

Sizes: XS-5X (See Size Charts here)

Skill Level: Confident beginner or Intermediate

Our 2023 in review:

Jenny’s statistics. 

Total makes:  133 – a record low for me

Items still in my closet:  42 pieces – also a low!

Designers where I made more than 10 pieces: CaramiyaMaui, myself, Jessilous, True Bias, Helen’s Closet

Patterns I made more than 10 of: Lodo & DIY Daisy’s sundress

Most common fabric: a tie between cotton woven, and linen, with cotton lycra coming in a close 2nd.

Fabric sources: 34 different stores, online and in person.

Most common:, Fine Fabrics USA, and Freeman’s creative – so hilarious, all start with F.  Funny!

Beverly’s statistics. 

Total makes:  Stopped using the spreadsheet in June, had 27 at that point.  Would make ~1/week on that rate and it sounds about right, so probably 50 or so.

Items still in my closet: Almost all of them.  I offer to my mom if the shoulders are too tight or I don’t love the style.  

Designers where I made more than 10 pieces: Myself 

Patterns I made more than 10 of: none

Most common fabric: Linen for sure, from stats: 19 unique values, 11 linen

Fabric sources: Probably about 7

QuestionJenny Beverly 
most made patternLodo dress by True Bias, max 59.5” hip though I found it ran big.A shirt for Jim!  Several versions. Mostly one offs or self-drafted
fav new techniqueWelt pockets!  With a zip if I’m feeling adventurousLapped hand-picked zipper, underlining to dramatically improve the quality and durability of the garment
fav new designerJessilous – of the Tate romper!ME!
best thing about 2023 sewing communityThe growth of small designers, and classes to teach pattern design.  So much variety!Local eventsOnline learning 
worst thing?So many size limited patterns still coming out, with the same old excuses for why.
advice from 2023 you to 2024 you?It’s okay to slow down.Your favorite part of sewing is the sewing, so enjoy it 
fav fabric sourcesMood., Fancy Tiger Craft.Domesticity, Merchant and Mills, Stylemaker Fabrics, Mood

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Episode 150 #pfNewYearsResolutions

Catch up:

Jenny: finally finished my written instructions for my next Tauko pattern & turned them in. Now I’m just waiting on feedback so I can make my next edits. 

Beverly: I have started on a pair of relaxed fit “chinos” – decided not to use my jeans pattern in favor of my semi-fit block – drafting a new pattern.  Features: Slash pockets in front, plain front, welt pockets in back, keeping dart, 1.5” waist band, zip fly, deep hems

New patterns:

Itch to stitch Hepburn Turtleneck 

Enchanted Overlay Skirt – Copper Creek Patterns


Enchanted Overlay Skirt (Adult)

The Enchanted Overlay Skirt is a chic pairing of a peak-a-boo circle skirt lining under a flowing gathered circle skirt.  The Enchanted Overlay Skirt is a midi-length skirt with a comfortable elastic waistband. 

This size inclusive pattern is drafted for up to a 64 1/2 inch – 164 cm waist. The Enchanted Overlay skirt uses 58″ wide lightweight woven fabrics such as satin, silk, embroidered sheer chiffon or tulle, satin lining, taffeta lining, and similar fabrics. 

#pfNewYearsResolutions – sewing related – but listeners can share any ones they want!  The more unconventional the better – perhaps you are resolving to eat more cookies or take more naps – these are awesome!  

Jenny: More plans than resolutions.

  • Take BrooksAnn Camper’s skirt class – seriously
  • Take more naps
  • Sew more thoughtfully for myself
  • Brush up on my Spanish, with an eye to becoming conversationally fluent; particularly want to learn sewing terms

Beverly: I don’t really make resolutions formally, but I do tend to reflect on the year and set intentions for the new one.  

Sewing – 

  • Use my serger less – mark of the maker
  • Design my own patterns – buy fewer patterns 
  • Document my sewing process
  • Share a bit more (if it feels good – if not – I won’t)

Life – 

  • “Like water off a duck”
  • Pausing, resting, enjoying 

More of the same:

  • Walking vs running
  • Reading
  • Meal planning

Episode 149: #pfJoyful recap

Clue for next month’s theme:

Catch up:


Honeybourne Mrs Claus outfit

Tate Romper in canvas


Gift for Jim – royal blue linen shirt.  I hand stitched the inside of the collar and I am flat felling seams.  Not using my serger at all. 

New Patterns:

Sew House 7 Skyline Tee

Pattern Features & Variations

Version #1 – low scoop front and back necklines

Version #2 – low scoop front neck with high back neck.

Version #3 – jewel neck.

Length #4 – V-neck with a wide neckband (4a) or a low, narrow neckband (4b).

Sleeve A – slim, long sleeve.

Sleeve B – above the elbow short sleeve.

Sleeve C – short, cap sleeve.

Sleeve D – gathered, long sleeve – gathered at the cap and tapers to a slim forearm.

Full length hem – lands above the hip.

Cropped hem – lands at the navel.

Style Arc Christina Woven Dress

  • Calf length dress
  • Button through front
  • Long sleeves with turn back cuffs
  • “A” line skirt
  • Shirt collar with stand
  • Mid body yoke
  • Box pleat and tucks in back body
  • Bust tucks from mid body yoke
  • Front band with button opening

#pfJoyful recap


Volunteered at a Winter Wonderland event as Mrs Claus

Reconnected with my sister

Beverly: Brooksann’s classes have really propelled my sewing Joy!  I am so excited to continue to work at a SLOWER pace.  I have enough clothes to wear.  I so to express my self and because I enjoy the process.  I am so focused on the process and it is so very joyful to me.