Episode 35: Threaded Together

#HopeDressSpringsETernal #asianaunty

Sew Over It Frida

Sew House Seven Free Range slacks  

Helen’s Closet Ashton Tops with sleeves.

Threaded together:

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Episode 34: Ruby Gertz from Spokes and Stitches

Ruby Gertz, white woman in her thirties is standing with plants in hand, wearing an apron.Text says: Punk Frockers Episode 34: Ruby Gertz, Spokes and Stitches, Sewing patterns for solarpunks

Ruby’s Contact information:

Instagram: @SpokesAndStitches Website: Arm Candy Tee

Pattern Workshop by Lauren Dahl

Kelly Hogaboom – the whole enchilada

Remnant Population by Elizabeth Moon

Ruby’s page on how Solar Punks relate to sewing

Raskvog cart

Sandeep by By Hand London


Babylock BrilliantEllicott City Sew and Vac

Babylock Jubilant

Closet Core Pietra Pants

Sew Over It Frida.

  Used Sew Over It’s method, which they offer for ~$4.50 in a 6 min video.  

Itch to Stitch Lagan Coat

Leila from Muna and Broad in my area!!!! Three Little Birds Sewing Co 28-31. Doing a noice workshop, meet and greet and sewing day.

CPD challenge! Last date Nov 3


Episode 33: Introducing #pfScary

Cris Wood Parasol Dress

Katie Kortman double gauze 

Rya Coat

Hope dress by StyleArc

Nancy Raglan dress by 5 out of 4 Patterns

Lagan Coat from Itch to Stitch.

wool/cashmere mix from mood

Boiled wool from StyleMaker

Lady McElroy pure wool coating

Lady McElroy textured wool coating

Possible toile fabric – just £3.99 


Episode 32 #pfGenX reveal

Chalk and Notch Crew Trousers

Sew Over It Frida pattern

StyleArc Hope

Fabric available here: 

Fibremood Rya

StyleArc Belle

Aaronica pattern




#31 new releases and pfGenX ideas

Aaronica by Made for Mermaids

Hope by StyleArc

Elley by StyleArc

Style Arc Teddy Tunic – made with Jenny’s ice dyed fabric

Style Arc Sydney Designer Dress – made with linen from Gray Lines Linen, NYC

Cris Wood Parasol Dress

Katie Kortman double gauze

New Patterns:

Grainline Studio Farrow Dress

Uniform tunic


Matilda dress pattern

Itch to Stitch Lagan Coat

Leeloo by @the_sew_sew



pfGenX ideas: 


Fibre mood Rya – max ch/h 58/57

Mood Sewciety Water Lily Dress –  max 59/50/63

StyleArc Belle Dress


Episode 30: Petite Sewing with Sam

Sam’s Instagram Account : minimaedelcreates

Pattern Review

La Sewista Petite Sewing blog post


Sinclair Patterns

By Hand London

Fit for Real People Book

Brooks Ann Camper – Skirt Skills class

The Daily Sew (Mary)


Episode 29: #pfGenX

Multi-colored ice dyed fabric.  Colors include brown, orange, green, and gray in a mottled pattern.
Multi-colored ice dyed fabric.  Colors include brown, orange, green, and gray in a mottled pattern.

Style Arc Teddy Tunic

Rafealla from

Tilly and the Buttons Skye and Billie.


Episode 28: #pfAnarchy reveal

Neighborhood Fiber Co

Stylemaker fabrics

New patterns:

Celeste by Itch to Stitch: TESTED this one

Belle Woven Dress by StyleArc: Max 50.5” waist

Azania by Sewphilia: up to a 62” hip: Sewing this one at the request of the designer

Esme Top by Jennifer Lauren Handmade: Up to 62” hip: TESTED THIS ONE

Spinafix PJs by Muna and Broad: up to 71.5” hip, will draft for larger at no extra charge


seamwork Marlow 

Chalk and Notch Farrah.


Episode 27: Lindy from Stokx Patterns

We weren’t able to talk about everything, but Lindy has kindly provided us her notes, which we have published in a blog post HERE.

Selina Woven Top from Style Arc

Telio – Santa Barbara

Style Maker Fabrics Cotton Modal Jersey knit

Toronto Tee by Rebecca Page –

Mountain View jeans

Gossamer dress from Stokx patterns

Noice jeans by M&B.

Kim dress (Stokx)

Octopus fabric

Rad Patterns Kelly Jeans


Episode 26: Creative Uses for Tools

CrisWoodSews Parasol, Fibremood Rosalie, Chalk&Notch Farrah. 

Fabrics Store Linen for Bedding

Free Range Slacks in Robert Kauffman Essex Linen

Laser Marker for seam allowance