Episode 50: #pfBondage

Catch up:


I’ve started hacking the StyleArc Hope dress to make dusters & jackets. 

By the time this is released, you my feed should have images of the most recent test garments I’ve made. 

I’ve also self-drafted two skirts with separating zippers up the center front. 

And I’ve had two sets of good interviews for possible new positions – with one having a third round coming up on Monday, Jan 31. 

Beverly: I made two things that I will wear a lot!  

True Bias Hudson pants-larger sizes 

True Bias Hudson pants – smaller sizes

I made a higher waist version using a tutorial on their website.  I added 2 inches to the length and I left out the tie at the waist because I find that so long as I get the elastic right I just leave it tied anyway.

Great news! Sew House Seven has released their popular pattern Toaster Sweater in their new larger size band (up to 65” hip). The new release includes both size bands and if you purchased previously you can update your pattern for free.  I have been waiting for this to be improved!  I made the version #2, with the funnel neck and regular sleeves.  I chose a size larger than my measurements because I generally like loose clothing, and I really can’t stand when warm clothes are fitted on me.  It is perfect!  I made it with the ponte I purchased a couple months ago.  

Next up for me: Gossamer from Stokx patterns and Page from Elbe textiles – this is a dress with loads of pintucks.  It’s a much different style than the ByHandLondon Marie, as the tucks go much farther down the garment, making an effect sort of like pleats for the skirt, as they tucks are released at dropped waist level.  

A listener already gave an idea to me for undies: the Apostrophe My Fit Undies.  – You can make them with any stretch fabric – including NO stretch at all!  Like bloomers!

Sewing news: Tauko Tuesday!!!  Received my new Tauko magazine in the mail. This is on its way to me as a gift from a fan. 

Some patterns I like:  Pants called Cargo that aren’t Cargo pants but are very similar to another very popular pants pattern that has #sewlimitedsizing

The Liza: LIZA is a 3-in-1 pattern with many possible variations.  

The top is a very boxy cropped top.  Skirt is high waisted and combined they make a dress.

Theme for February, the month of LOVE – #pfBondage!  

Some ideas: 






Hem tape

Serged and folded

Double folded

Why would you want to do this:

Make the insides looks as good as the outsides

Make a durable garment

Slow down!

Have fun with wild fabrics that you may not want to wear on the outside

You get to use the #pfBondage hashtag on one of your makes!

Good patterns for showing off seams:

Friday pattern company Ilford jacket (up to 60” chest)

Sheila O’Kelly!

Muna and Broad Belmore Jacket

Muna and Broad Shoalhaven jacket

Sienna Maker’s Jacket

Dresses are another great choice – especially for French seams.  The woolfork dress I made last week has instructions for french seams, which I may do for my next one.

Another great example is to do flat-felled seams in a shirt.  I did this for some shirts I made for Jim from big 4 patterns.  Some good indie choices:

Cornell Shirt from Elbe textiles – comes with instructions for french seams, but you could definitely do  flat felled.

Kalle Shirt and Shirtdress from Closet core patterns

Jeans – especially around the fly – could match with your pocket lining

StyleArc Hope Dress as jacket: This is also perfect for the Hope jacket hack I’ve been exploring lately; ideal for bound seams, or flat felled seams. 

StokxPatterns Heldin Tasche bag : flat felled seams

Emerald by Made By Rae : Hong Kong finished seams

Hovea jacket: lined, or bound edges


Episode 49: #pfMyStyle Reveal

Here’s a clue for next month’s theme! New theme revealed on Instagram on February 1.

How to fold fabric: 

Merchant and Mills factory dress -larger sizes

Merchant and mills factory dress – smaller sizes

Wool from Mood– btw only $8.39/yd wool and lycra blend – a dream to sew

By Hand London Marie shirt

Undies: Seamwork Fable, a high waisted, high leg (think Jane Fonda 80s style) version – no butt coverage even for my flat butt.

Caramiya Primrose Panties– a new FREE pattern from Caramiya.  These are interesting – no side seams, uses knit bands, gusset only one side sewn in, totally done on serger very quickly.  These are really high waisted.  Over the belly button.

Some more to try:  Rad Patterns Panel Undies and Made for Mermaids Cutie Booty boxer briefs

Woolfork dress. from Black Linen – a little tight in the shoulders.  Very much Beverly’s style.

Next up for me: Stokz patterns Gossamer Dress in black linen, Be Mine cardigan from Ellie and Mac in gorgeous sweater knit from Stylemaker fabrics . The black French terry arrived too and it is the nicest french terry I have ever purchased – several colors available

Our own progress with #pfMyStyle and #pfStyleSwap

Beverly: I made two previously made patterns that I know are my style.  This is actually a good strategy for me.  I struggle to predict if new patterns will fit into my style.  I have one on tap (maybe done by the time we record) that is a hopefully my style (gossamer)

I put up 6 tops that are not my style.  As of today, four were claimed.  If the others aren’t claimed, I will cut them up to use for something else.  I can get a small tank out of them probably – to use as a summer night top or something.  

Jenny:  It CANNOT be reveal time already.  I’ve made almost no progress on this one in any formal, or visible way.  Here’s my thoughts, mostly off the cuff:

  • Fabrics: Soft.  Colorful (rich colors). I prefer heavier weight knits, lighter weight wovens, though there’s something amazing about a dress with structural elements in a heavy woven fabric.
  • Patterns: 
    • Knit: Aaronica, Chive Dress
    • Woven: Trillium, Waterfall, Parasol
  • Fit
    • Loose, flowing, structured, fitted, with short or cap sleeves, or big statement sleeves, knee length, midi length, floor length

#pfMyStyle notables



Tall.Hobbit.Stitches: Layered dresses, mixing patterns, colors, textures.  

FromWhereDoneWhat: Pink, plaid, slouchy, swears.

TheDressGarden: Cozy, colorful dresses, and being warm.  🙂



Episode 48: Saremy from Sew Sew Live

Sew Sew Live YouTube channel

Sew Sew Live website


Bonus Episode

Catch up:

Beverly: I want to thank @margieMakes for a gift she sent from Australia! Beautiful mask (I want the pattern!) and handmade earrings! Agreed – what a kind thing to get from a listener.  

Sadly have to postpone trip to Puerto Rico. 

I made another Merchant and Mills Dress Shirt in “featherwale” corduroy from Mood fabric 

Definitely qualifies for #pfMyStyle !


1/6/2022 Chive Caramiya SSEFabrics Purple/green plaid

1/8/2022 Rosalie Fibremood Hello Friend Fabrics Linen & Covid Bird

1/8/2022 Test Test Mood Jacket cotton sateen

1/8/2022 Parasol CrisWoodSews Hello Friend Fabrics Linen & Puffins

1/8/2022 Parasol CrisWoodSews FabricGodmother UK Swiss dot with giraffes

As I mentioned in our year end episode, I’m working on spending my sewing $ at local businesses – globally. I’ve pinned a post on my Instagram profile a post where there are dozens and dozens of suggested shops for that purpose.  Go check it out.  In my makes so far this year, all my fabrics come from smaller businesses, from around the world.  

#StyledSeated  #SewnShownSeated

This hashtag is a good way to help sewists see what a garment would look like when worn seated.  I’ve found a small stool I’ll use for my roadway pictures when possible in the future.  

#pfStyleSwap – I have a few tops going in for a swap. All made to fit my measurements which will be listed in description. All shipped for free. 

I’ve offered a Pona Jacket by Helen’s closet – the one I made for Halloween.  It’s not one I reach for – love the style, but the colors don’t work well with my current wardrobe.  I’ll be offering a couple more things this month as well.  Mine are free shipping worldwide, but I’ll do a drawing if more than one person wants the item.  For future ones I might offer only to others who are also offering – what do you think, Beverly?

Sew Over It Frida

#pfMyStyle ideas: 

I’m considering an Instagram live to review my fabrics & see if I can ID what is, and isn’t, my style.  I struggle to get it right when I’m shopping.  There are lots of fabrics I buy and just give to my daughter rather than sew up.  I’m not sure I can see the common thread yet.  I find my style changes often – as I find the latest & greatest pattern that I love – and they don’t all have things in common.  My most made last year was the Tarlee, a loosely fitted t-shirt dress.  I think the Chive, a fitted sweatshirt dress will likely be this year’s favorite.  Other big favs are dresses like the Rosalie & the Parasol (similar loose style in woven fabrics), and the Upton, Dora, and Trillium (woven & fitted).  I’m still at a loss for how to define my style.  I think if I had to sum it up I’d say its best represented by the fabrics & colors, more than the specifics of the dresses. I like a custom or fairly unique fabric best of all.  Loud, rich, colors & patterns.  Simple styles (less than 10 pattern pieces, preferably less than 6).


Episode 47: Finding Your Style with Jess

You can find Jess on Instagram @fat.bobbin.girl , @ChChsews (A0 pattern printing within New Zealand), @munaandbroad

Website: and

Other Instagram accounts mentioned on the show:

Color expert:

Inspiration for Jess to sew: @cookinandcraftin and @rare.device

Curvy Sewing Collective

Deer and Doe Sirocco

Zadie Jumpsuit

Sources for Merino fabric:

Blackbird Fabric

The Merino Collective

Muna and Broad Patreon

Muna and Broad Patterns


Episode 46: #pfMyStyle

Catch up:

Chive Dress by CaramiyaMaui

True Bias Hudson pants

Fibre Mood Gladys

Rebecca Page Toronto Tee

True Bias Roscoe Blouse

Fibre Mood Maya Dressmedium weight cotton stretch sateen from Mood Fabrics

New Patterns: 

By Hand London Marie

Mood Stick your neck out tencel twill

Year in Review:


I made 98 different patterns by 47 different designers in 2021.  My most often made were the Tarlee (24 versions), the Parasol (23 versions), with the Upton a distant third (16 versions).  My most made designer was CrisWoodSews (35 makes), followed by Cashmerette (29 makes), and Muna & Broad (26 makes – but to be fair, I’ve only counted one Kapundah Undies – I actually made 22 pairs, so M&B would hop to the top if I counted each instance).

I purchased my fabrics from 33 different sources; about 30% came from Joann, 15% from, 10% from FineFabrics in Georgia.  My plan is to make sure at least ⅔ of my buys are from locally owned fabrics shops (from all over the world) in 2022.

Use this link for Jenny’s spreadsheet template

Favorite thing you made this year: 

By Hand London Anna Dress

Favorite pattern of the year: 

Merchant and Mills Factory Dress -straight size

Merchant and Mills Factory Dress – plus size

Most worn item of the year:

Acadia Joggers

Sew House Seven Free Range Slacks.

#pfMyStyle and #pfStyleSwap


We would like to know which patreon benefits the community would like.  Would you like a monthly zoom call?  A bonus episode? Video content?  We will be posting polls in Instagram to get an idea.  If you don’t use instagram, please comment below.


Episode 45: #pfCozy Reveal

Clue for next month’s theme:

5 out of 4 big friendly hoodie

Fibre Mood Rozan

Helen’s Closet Winslow culottes

Jenny: faves from pfcozy

Beverly’s picks:

Beverly: pfcozy faves


@closetcorepatterns dog coat made out scraps from a coat I made a couple of years ago plus the leftovers from a hoodie I made my pal & an old red blanket to keep him warm.




_alliejo won the Deer and Doe Scirocco pattern!


Stylemaker fabrics french terry

Ellie and Mac good vibes  joggers

Fibre Mood Mabel .


Episode 44: Tauko Tuesday

Sirocco Jumpsuit by Deer and Doe

Deer and Doe Plantain tee

Fabric Wholesale Direct ponte – Burgundy color Content: 66% Rayon, 30% Nylon, 4% Spandex Width: 60/62″

True Bias Hudson joggers tutorial to make the waist higher

Belemnite Dress

Tauko Magazine-

Calendula top/Jasmiina dress  


Episode 43: Nandita!

Nandita’s Instagram: divinedita

Muna and Broad Spinifex pajamas.

Itch to Stitch Mountain View Jeans!

Robert Kaufman Super Stretch Denim

Sew Liberated Hinterland dress.

Robert Kaufman Brussels Washer Linen a

Caramiya’s Chive

Cashmerette’s Foxhill

Made by Rae’s Trillium

What does cozy mean to you in your sewing?

Nandita: Ellie and Mac South shore Romper

Made by Rae Luna Pants

Beverly :  

Favorite comfy garments: Hinterland dress, Sewhouse 7 Free range slacks, Fibremood Rozan


Caramiya’s Chive

Scirocco by Deer & Doe

Garments that might be comfort/cozy:

  • Sweaters
      • From designer: The Aspen Cardigan allows you to have the perfect cardigan no matter what you are wearing it with! Over a tank or shell this is going to be your go-to cardigan.  Gathered in the back at the waist and back collar, with deep pockets and clean lines, the Aspen will fit in just perfectly with your wardrobe.
      • 61” chest, 65” hips
      • From designer: The Camden Cardigan is a cozy cardi pattern that’s perfect for the season! It has a comfortable ease and features a drawstring to cinch to your liking. This fully-faced cardigan has options for crop, top, tunic, and duster lengths. It has inset sleeves with options for sleeveless, short, 3/4, and long sleeves. Choose whether or not to add a hood with options to hem, face, or line it. Two different pocket options, in-seam or patch
      • 81” chest, 85” hips
      • This circle cardie pattern is a quick, easy sew with stunning results. The waterfall drape down the front makes it perfect for both thinner and thicker warm fabrics. You can adjust it to suit your style with two different lengths, three hem options and three sleeve options.
      • 76” chest, 80” hips
      • I’ve made this one – it’s quick & fun.  I want to make it again out of some heavier fabrics as I think the body would really elevate this simple design.
    • Style Arc Nina Cardigan
    • Ellie and Mac Southshore romper – JUST ~$4 RIGHT NOW!!
  • Quilts
    • Use to make jackets, tops, bodices for dresses
    • I’ve considered this one for a bodice on a Hope Dress
    • Simple lap quilt from any fabric + a flannel backing, quilting at 1” – 3” repeats in a simple grid.  
  • Robes
      • The Medlow Robe is designed to fully cover you when you want to stay covered. It features a deep overlap (and deep pockets!) that ensure you only show what you want to show. It’s perfect for slow weekend mornings, and provides enough coverage to answer the door in.
      • 64” chest, 71.5” hips (min 40/41.5)
      • This versatile PDF Sewing pattern comes in two lengths with different trim options. The long version has pleated trim down the front edge, patch pockets, hood and comfortable sleeves. The short jacket version uses packed quilt binding to finish the edges of the front, hood, sleeve and pocket instead of the pleated trim. Jacket is unlined, and closes at the neck with a hook and eye closure.
      • 58” chest, 60” hips
  • Sweat pants/shirts
      • It comes in two different views, View A is semi-fitted cropped sweatshirt with a band that hits at the natural waistline and has a puff sleeve. The Chive Sweatshirt’s cropped waist pairs nicely with your favorite high waisted jeans or pants. It can also be dressed up with an A line maxi skirt or pencil skirt. Because of the narrow silhouette of view A it can be worn under overalls or a loose fitting jumpsuit (like the Caladium ;). View B has a looser silhouette and falls at the hip. Because of this its a great top for low to mid-rise jeans or pants. Because of the narrow silhouette of the Chive Sweatshirt it can also make a nice tee in a lighter weight cotton knit.
      • 62” chest, 54” waist
      • Everyone needs something to wear when its time to relax. These joggers and shorts are perfect for that! Whether its hot or cold outside these joggers are the ones to grab for the perfect comfort time.  These adult joggers match our kids Ace joggers and you can make the whole family a matching set!  Sizes are unisex and come in Small to 5X.
      • 60” waist, 64” hip

My favorite joggers pattern is the Arcadia Joggers by Stitch Upon a time.   

I also like the True Bias Hudson Pants, available for kids, men, and recently upgraded sizing (max hip 59.5).  

There are so many T-shirts out there, but my favorite comfy tee is a free one from Rebecca Page, the Toronto Tee.

Deer and Doe Plantain tee

Made by Rae Luna Joggers hip 59” 34.5” – made for wovens or stable knits

Style Maker modal jersey


Episode 42: Introducing #pfCozy

In case you didn’t see on Instagram – JENNY WON THE FABRICS-STORE.COM CONTEST!!!

Jenny is wearing her award winning ice-dyed linen dress with an embroidered bodice and double circle skirt.
Jenny’s winning dress

Merchant and Mills Factory Dress

MM Factory Dress larger range

Brussels washer linen, yarn dyed

wool suiting from Mood Fabrics

5 out of 4 Big Friendly Hoodie 

Chive Dresses by Caramiya

Muna and Broad’s new Hexham dress 

Style Arc Alexi Turtleneck shirt

True Bias Marlow cardigan

The Blaise Wearable Blanket – kids (there is an adult version but sizing is limited).

Helen’s closet Avery Leggings