Ep 79: #pfSuperFan RUFFLES


StokxPatternsOctopus fabric
Melilot PatternsFree pattern

What we’ve been working on:


  • A red carpet catsuit for an author
  • A very special three-piece suit for a very special – and very tall and curvaceous – client!
  • A top-secret B-movie inspired piece for an enthusiastic, fantastic woman!
  • Re-doing an entire cloak project because I’m being a BINCH about it


Mostly Melbas this week – a new pattern from Muna & Broad.  Love its simple lines which allow an excellent fabric to really show off. I’ve been adding patches on the back as well.  Also a few more Yesterday Dresses by Caramiya – all with added ruffles for sleeves.


Where can we find inspiration in ruffles?  


Getting back in touch with my RUFFLER attachment

Old school ruffle inspo: Folkwear Childhood Dreams

Kelly’s favorite gathering technique

Ruffle vs. flounce

My Creature from the Black Lagoon hat (gill ruffles) OMG, that’s amazing – just the thought is inspiring! 

My favorite movie ruffles: Sadie Frost’s costumes as Lucy, in 1992 Bram Stoker’s Dracula (by costume designer Eiko Ishioka, who won the Academy Award for Costume Design that year)


I follow the hashtag #RufflesForDays as it’s not too overwhelming but a very inspirational mix of ready-to-wear, couture, and handmade.

Katie Kortman is an endless source of inspiration.  Here’s a link to a great ruffled addition:

New patterns: 

Does anything new catch your eye?

Nina Lee Carmel jumpsuit pattern: Wide leg, high waisted, to hip size 58”

Helen’s Closet Free Orchard Top & Dress: sleeveless with bias binding, 62” hip

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