Ep 96 New Year Planning

#96 Plans for 2023. #pfPajamaParty

Sponsor: Punk Frockers!  Gift bag of labels and patches

Advent calendar

Catch up:


  • Making dresses for first friend test dresses
  • Learning about wholesale
  • The experience of opening a packaging


Pajamas for #pfPajamaParty!

Using beautiful checked flannel fabric from Core Fabrics.

Olya shirt Paper Theory

Sandhill Sling from Noodlehead

Kit webbing is 54” long

New patterns:

Twig and Tale Grove Coat – updated sizing – to 72” hip

A long discussion on how to plan for 2023. 

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I love bagmaking, still a beginner but youtube channels/bag makers you should checkout are Crafty Gemini (she does a variety of projects, mostly aimed at beginners, but great for learning), sewsweetness (patternmaker, has a store and great youtube, check out her free patterns), and Oklaroots (does a lot of bag sewing tutorials.) Lauren Mormino also does a lot of bag making sew alongs and live streams, I think she is a little more advanced, but very educational. They all have their own style of making bags. They have instagrams and other socials too. Love your show!

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