Episode 17: #pfRepresent – Community Call Outs

CrisWoodSews Parasol

Made by Rae Trillium (Max 59” chest & hip) & Geranium dresses (max 29.5” chest)

Three people, two women and a girl, in an elevator taking a photo.  They are all wearing dresses made from the same material.

The Sewing Studio: 

Hey June Handmade Allspice Apron

Elizabeth Suzann Clyde Work pants 

Aaronica Dress

Advertisement for a sewing pattern.  Shown are two black women and one white woman wearing different versions available in the pattern.
Screenshot of drawings of all the variations that can be made from the "Aaronica" pattern.

Sew Liberated Estuary Skirt


Cashmerette Upton Dress

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