Episode 24: #pfAnarchy


Cashmerette Upton

Adrianna Dress Friday Pattern company

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“floral patterns are out”

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Good afternoon, I listened to the #24 podcast yesterday. What an array of topics covered! A thought provoking discussion about Tilly and the Buttons Skye Sundress, how they have handled expanding their size range, and also about Gertie’s Charm Patterns. (Full disclosure – I am a Patreon member of Gertie.) The thought occurred to me is that there is a cost to create a different block to expand their size range on all their current patterns and if we sewists do not support their efforts and purchase their patterns then they will not have the funds to continue. So to me even if their past behavior wasn’t ideal the fact they are expanding is encouraging.

I do enjoy your podcast and look forward to the different topics.


Hi Marion, and thanks for your comment. That’s definitely an important perspective. It’s up to the individual to decide if that’s more important than previous bad actions. In the case of Tilly and Gertie, the biggest problem is how the issue was handled and how they made fat sewists feel. Lots of pattern companies have been coming to the party a bit late, but have handled things so much better. I think many fat sewists would rather give their sewing dollars to those companies that also made the investment for them, but made them feel welcome at the same time. It’s a complicated issue for sure. Thanks so much for your comment!

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