Episode 27: Lindy from Stokx Patterns

We weren’t able to talk about everything, but Lindy has kindly provided us her notes, which we have published in a blog post HERE.

Selina Woven Top from Style Arc

Telio – Santa Barbara

Style Maker Fabrics Cotton Modal Jersey knit

Toronto Tee by Rebecca Page –

Mountain View jeans

Gossamer dress from Stokx patterns

Noice jeans by M&B.

Kim dress (Stokx)

Octopus fabric

Rad Patterns Kelly Jeans

One reply on “Episode 27: Lindy from Stokx Patterns”

I really enjoyed the discussion of adaptive fashion in this episode but I do have a note – in the episode Jenny used the term “differently abled.” This term is one that nondisabled people use to avoid saying the word “disabled.” The word disabled does not have a value judgement, but our cultural abilism has created many terms to avoid the word. I would encourage the hosts to explore the work of disabled activists and avoid terms like this in the future

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