Episode 28: #pfAnarchy reveal

Neighborhood Fiber Co

Stylemaker fabrics

New patterns:

Celeste by Itch to Stitch: TESTED this one

Belle Woven Dress by StyleArc: Max 50.5” waist

Azania by Sewphilia: up to a 62” hip: Sewing this one at the request of the designer

Esme Top by Jennifer Lauren Handmade: Up to 62” hip: TESTED THIS ONE

Spinafix PJs by Muna and Broad: up to 71.5” hip, will draft for larger at no extra charge


seamwork Marlow 

Chalk and Notch Farrah.

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Smells Like Teen Spirit is a seminal piece of music that has come to represent an entire generation. Perhaps this month’s challenge is something like #pficon, ala the Chanel suit, satin bomber jackets, said Jessica McClintoch dresses – or flannel shirts. Can’t wait to find out!

I want the theme for october to be PunkFrankers where the challenge is to hack together garments with multiple patterns. Like torrens box top with an upton skirt. just sayin, it’s correct because we would be Dr. Frankenstein creating these beautiful monsters.

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