Episode 3: Our #pfWhoAreYou choices

In this episode, Jenny and Beverly discuss their ideas for what to make to introduce themselves in a handmade garment.

Style Arc Selina woven top

Style Arc – Maddison tee

Several could be used for the #frugalfrock challenge hosted by @frugalisama and @yorkshiresewgirl  

Rebecca Page Portia Party dress up to a 58” hip

Agnes swing top from Halla Patterns, up to 59” hip – free if you join her facebook group, $5 if not.  

Rebecca Page Patsy Party dress up to 57” hips (but hips not likely to be limiting)

From the Fabrics_store linen: up to Hip 58” Cora Half-sleeve linen dress

Noor wrap dress – up to 58” hip, but FG 82” hip

Pier Ave Pencil Skirt – up to 67.5” hip, free with newsletter subscription:

What have I decided for my #pfwhoareyou outfit???

The Sew Liberated HInterland Dress!

Jenny: working on UptonFabricRoulette

Pattern Testing – Plus Size pattern testing FB group

Upton:up to 62” hip & bust

Trillium: up to 59” bust & hip

Tarlee T-shirt: up to 64” bust, 71.5” hip

4 replies on “Episode 3: Our #pfWhoAreYou choices”

I’m really enjoying this podcast and am looking forward to seeing the challenge garments!

As for video vs. audio: I listen to many podcasts, all of them audio-only. But I appreciate being able to see these garments, too! What about doing audio as the main content, and occasionally doing a video episode? I know if you switch to video only, I will have a hard time keeping up. Also, is difficult to create an audio-only podcast while doing video, because you must remember that your audio-only audience cannot see what you’re pointing to.

I am super late to the game, but yes to the video if you’re still taking votes. I rarely open my podcast app, but I am on YouTube daily. Happy sewing!

That’s good to know. We didn’t get many responses but quite possibly because people who prefer you tube wouldn’t have heard us ask the question! Not promising anything, but would you still want to watch it if it was just us recording the regular podcast? Like just us talking? Would we need to change out of our jammies? Haha!

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