Episode 38: #pfGratitude ideas

Helen’s Closet Pona jacket

Caramiya Chive dress

Style Arc Hope Dress #HopeDressSpringsEternal

Lagan Coat

Liftingpinsandneedles You Tube sew along for the Lagan Coat

Fibre Mood Ermine

armscye adjustment

Mountain View Jeans

Crotch curve adjustment tutorial:

Kauffman Super Stretch 

Spinifex PJ pattern

Ideas for #pfGratitude:

Cris Wood Sews parasol dress

Sewnaturaldane –

Game Day Jersey from Love Notions

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Thank you very much for including my Ideal Bag free pattern! I hope everyone enjoys it! Just fyi- it’s not a knitting bag but it could be used as one. I do have patterns for knitting related bags though and they were all best sellers when I was Chicken Boots. I have multiple free patterns that are great for gift giving too… A Notions Case, the best pot holder, dish carriers, and more- please enjoy them! Thanks again! I’m grateful for you 🙂

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