Episode 41: #pfGratitude reveal

Clue for Next Month’s theme!

Link to Jenny’s contest entry – YOU CAN VOTE ONCE A DAY FROM NOVEMBER 30-DECEMBER 5!!!

Belenmite Dress by Marilla Walker

Rozan by Fibremood

onesie PJ’s from 5 out of 4 patterns

Cobden Chore Jacket

Sew House Seven Free Range pants

Love Notions Sabrina Slims

Ponte De Roma Knit Fabric from Fabric Wholesale Direct 

Click here to view all the #pfGratitude entrants

FibreMood 17

Free James T-shirt

Elbe textiles seems to be increasing sizes to 59/50/60

The free pattern a “mens” tee SAGE tee:

Now goes up to 58/52/57 

Here are the Elbe Textiles that have been upgraded and the max hip size for your information:

Unisex Fremantle pants 61.5” hip:

Page dress (62” hip) 

Reznor skirt (58” hip)

Staley top (62”hip)

New: Steele Pinafore (60” hip)

“Mens” Trigg shorts (56” hip)

Pretty new but not new-new:


Heldin Tasche – bag by Stokxpatterns

Berger Cookies!

Jenny holding a Berger Cookie (upside down!) to show the perfect cookie:fudge ratio. Berger Cookies are a Baltimore treasure.

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