Episode 42: Introducing #pfCozy

In case you didn’t see on Instagram – JENNY WON THE FABRICS-STORE.COM CONTEST!!!

Jenny is wearing her award winning ice-dyed linen dress with an embroidered bodice and double circle skirt.
Jenny’s winning dress

Merchant and Mills Factory Dress

MM Factory Dress larger range

Brussels washer linen, yarn dyed

wool suiting from Mood Fabrics

5 out of 4 Big Friendly Hoodie 

Chive Dresses by Caramiya

Muna and Broad’s new Hexham dress 

Style Arc Alexi Turtleneck shirt

True Bias Marlow cardigan

The Blaise Wearable Blanket – kids (there is an adult version but sizing is limited).

Helen’s closet Avery Leggings

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