Episode 46: #pfMyStyle

Catch up:

Chive Dress by CaramiyaMaui

True Bias Hudson pants

Fibre Mood Gladys

Rebecca Page Toronto Tee

True Bias Roscoe Blouse

Fibre Mood Maya Dressmedium weight cotton stretch sateen from Mood Fabrics

New Patterns: 

By Hand London Marie

Mood Stick your neck out tencel twill

Year in Review:


I made 98 different patterns by 47 different designers in 2021.  My most often made were the Tarlee (24 versions), the Parasol (23 versions), with the Upton a distant third (16 versions).  My most made designer was CrisWoodSews (35 makes), followed by Cashmerette (29 makes), and Muna & Broad (26 makes – but to be fair, I’ve only counted one Kapundah Undies – I actually made 22 pairs, so M&B would hop to the top if I counted each instance).

I purchased my fabrics from 33 different sources; about 30% came from Joann, 15% from, 10% from FineFabrics in Georgia.  My plan is to make sure at least ⅔ of my buys are from locally owned fabrics shops (from all over the world) in 2022.

Use this link for Jenny’s spreadsheet template

Favorite thing you made this year: 

By Hand London Anna Dress

Favorite pattern of the year: 

Merchant and Mills Factory Dress -straight size

Merchant and Mills Factory Dress – plus size

Most worn item of the year:

Acadia Joggers

Sew House Seven Free Range Slacks.

#pfMyStyle and #pfStyleSwap


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5 replies on “Episode 46: #pfMyStyle”

Beverly and Jenny, Another great podcast episode.
I loved hearing the summary of your 2021 makes. I too love spreadsheets and have one for fabric I purchase – which I am pretty good at filling in the info when the fabric arrives (or I bring it home). It contains company, fabric, color, material type, yardage, width, stretch %, date, care instructions, and cost. I didn’t have a spreadsheet for makes but kept a journal and then created a spreadsheet last week to get a sense of what I did. I am not in your ball park but it was a huge increase for me.
Regarding others who summarize their makes: for years and years I have followed (she is also on IG). She started to sew before she had children and I have watched her journey over the years improving her sewing. She is petite and use to have a site called Petite Republic where her blog was; it appears she now has the new website with her blog.
Regarding Patreon: Perhaps focus on your word themes of the year – Grow and Connection. Any format is fine. I am a Patreon for Love to Sew, Gertie, the Bowery Boys and they are all excellent yet provide very different type of content.
Thanks for your podcast.

Thank you so much for your detailed reply! I actually hadn’t thought of using our word of the year as a focus for this. You’ve got my mind going- Thanks again!

Another great episode & thank you for the spreadsheet – I’ll be doing a review of my makes & haven’t kept a note of them, so it will be useful!
As for Patreon – I’m in – whatever you decide to provide, it would be fun to have zoom chats but I think time zones can be an issue!

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