Episode 49: #pfMyStyle Reveal

Here’s a clue for next month’s theme! New theme revealed on Instagram on February 1.

How to fold fabric: 

Merchant and Mills factory dress -larger sizes

Merchant and mills factory dress – smaller sizes

Wool from Mood– btw only $8.39/yd wool and lycra blend – a dream to sew

By Hand London Marie shirt

Undies: Seamwork Fable, a high waisted, high leg (think Jane Fonda 80s style) version – no butt coverage even for my flat butt.

Caramiya Primrose Panties– a new FREE pattern from Caramiya.  These are interesting – no side seams, uses knit bands, gusset only one side sewn in, totally done on serger very quickly.  These are really high waisted.  Over the belly button.

Some more to try:  Rad Patterns Panel Undies and Made for Mermaids Cutie Booty boxer briefs

Woolfork dress. from Black Linen – a little tight in the shoulders.  Very much Beverly’s style.

Next up for me: Stokz patterns Gossamer Dress in black linen, Be Mine cardigan from Ellie and Mac in gorgeous sweater knit from Stylemaker fabrics . The black French terry arrived too and it is the nicest french terry I have ever purchased – several colors available

Our own progress with #pfMyStyle and #pfStyleSwap

Beverly: I made two previously made patterns that I know are my style.  This is actually a good strategy for me.  I struggle to predict if new patterns will fit into my style.  I have one on tap (maybe done by the time we record) that is a hopefully my style (gossamer)

I put up 6 tops that are not my style.  As of today, four were claimed.  If the others aren’t claimed, I will cut them up to use for something else.  I can get a small tank out of them probably – to use as a summer night top or something.  

Jenny:  It CANNOT be reveal time already.  I’ve made almost no progress on this one in any formal, or visible way.  Here’s my thoughts, mostly off the cuff:

  • Fabrics: Soft.  Colorful (rich colors). I prefer heavier weight knits, lighter weight wovens, though there’s something amazing about a dress with structural elements in a heavy woven fabric.
  • Patterns: 
    • Knit: Aaronica, Chive Dress
    • Woven: Trillium, Waterfall, Parasol
  • Fit
    • Loose, flowing, structured, fitted, with short or cap sleeves, or big statement sleeves, knee length, midi length, floor length

#pfMyStyle notables



Tall.Hobbit.Stitches: Layered dresses, mixing patterns, colors, textures.  

FromWhereDoneWhat: Pink, plaid, slouchy, swears.

TheDressGarden: Cozy, colorful dresses, and being warm.  🙂


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Have you tried Apostrophe My Fit Undies? It takes stretch percentage in to account and has made a huge difference in how mine fit. Pre-stretching the elastic before attaching also makes a huge difference in fit.

The very best underwear patterns I’ve tried have been from Stitch Upon a Time. They have several styles, including a knit boxer that I use under summer skirts.

Beverly and Jenny, Again great podcast. I too have been trying other undies patterns. One that works great is Sarah Kirsten Olive Undies – It comes in high-rise, mid-rise, and thong. I have made the mid-rise (on me it comes 2″ below belly button as I have a shorter rise than pattern expects) in size Peony. My waist is 33″ and hips 38″ but since it doesn’t go to my waist, I just ignored that measurement. It covers bum very well. I have made it from scraps of a Girl Charlee Cotton Spandex blend. They are very comfortable.

Beverly and Jenny – thanks for the info on Ellie & Mac. I hadn’t tried those patterns and have bought the Be Mine Cardigan as it does seem very versatile and easy to sew.


Thanks so much for this suggestion. I have been trying a few RTW undies and they are either too high or too low. I guess I’ll just have to make them to my own measurements!

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