Episode 56: Colorful Katie Kortman

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Today’s guest is the best thing that has happened to color since the rainbow!  Most folks know that Katie Kortman designs clothing and fabric. But some may not know that she began as a painter.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in Drawing and Painting and her master’s in education, from BYU.  Before she became a fashion designer, she worked as a painter and art teacher.  Last year, Katie was a designer on Bravo’s Project Runway!  We are so lucky to get to talk to her today and we know our listeners will love to hear what she has to say.

Questions for Katie:

  • When did you learn to sew?
  • Before you sewed your own, were your clothes as colorful as they are now?
  • Designing fabrics – how did you learn how? 
  • What was Project Runway like?  
    • What were the best and worst parts?
    • Did you enjoy the challenges?
    • How is fashion designing different from home sewing?
  • Tell us about your Hand-painted color collection clothing line
  • What do you think the sewing community does best?

Instagram: @katiekortmanart, @katiekortmanclothing

Pinterest: @katiekortmanart

Her course: Wear Happy Color – I think I need this course! Me, too.  I’m very random.



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