Episode 59: #pfTNT

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April sponsors: patterns from Elbe Textiles & Helen’s Closet; pattern printing by The Plotted Pattern, and a TBD from Seams Fabrics

Catch up:


  • A circle skirt in linen from Cashmerette as part of their new Club. 
  • Lola Victory Patterns Mulberry Silks Cotton knit Black white yellow with monkeys
  • Wattle Megan Neilsen Corduroy Red
  • Dragonfruit Caramiya Joann Cotton Eyelet Orange
  • Dragonfruit Caramiya Simplifi Fabrics Cotton Woven Orange planets
  • Dragonfruit Caramiya Double gauze Katie Kortman, blue + pink
  • Renee 5 out of 4 Simplifi Fabrics Cotton Woven Orange with cows

Beverly: I’ve been struggling!  My work has been hard and uncomfortable for me.  In general I like change, but I like to be in control… We went to NYC last weekend.  We went to Jutta Neumann shoes – for Jim to be measured/traced for custom sandals!  We walked all over the city.  We didn’t even take a subway while there.  On Sunday, Jim went for a drum lesson with Billy Martin from Medesky, Martin and Wood (Jazz) and I went fabric shopping.  This was a mistake – most of the shops are closed and none of the kind I like are open Sundays except M & J trimming.  Types of NYC fabric stores: organized with prices, disorganized and bartering.  Guess which kind I like.  

I did make one thing – I made it for the #SewFrugal22 challenge, organized by @frugalisama and @yorkshiresewgirl on Instagram.  I used the Peppermint Paddington Top (max size 58/51/61) and a stash fabric – rayon voile, navy background with radishes, peas, and onion plants as the print.  Off brand but I like it.  Alterations include: increased L by 2”, took out back buttons, increased elastic size to make arms loose.

New patterns:

True Bias Zoey Tank and Dress Pattern

Max size: 60/53/62

Marsha Style and Sew Lala collaboration : Alea Shirt and Dress

Max size 59/52/63


#pfNaughty pile was a lot of work!  – emotionally! Who wants to go back to the trouble makers? We thought our listeners could use a break, so we decided to have a #pfTNT month!  This month, we are encouraging folks to choose a tried and true pattern to make.  You can use one of your own tried and true patterns or discover a favorite of someone else in the community by searching #tntpattern on Instagram.  


I plan to fully participate in this month’s theme!  In fact, I am going to choose at least one of my own TNT patterns and also one of Jenny’s!  

Ideas for my own:

Sew House Seven Free Range Slacks – I’ll probably make at least one pair of pants and another of shorts.

Helen’s Closet Ashton Top – I need some new tanks/short sleeved shirts for summer- perhaps combined with Elisabeth Suzanne Georgia tee – is it still tnt if hacked a new way?

Sew Liberated Hinterland Dress – I want a sleeveless version.

For Jenny’s (should I let Jenny decide???):

Fibermood Rosalie

Made by Rae Trillium

Would love the DragonFruit! But not released!!

Many of my favorites of Jenny’s are one-offs, not exactly TNTs

Any other suggestions, Jenny?


Trillium – I’ve made more than 60 in three years

Chive – I’m up to 20

Dragonfruit – over 15

Upton – a couple dozen

As part of Seams Fabric celebration of their anniversary this month, I’m making a Trillium from fabric they provided. I’ll start soon by doing a toile – and using elastic in my bobbin to shirr the back!!  I’m also planning to put the facing on the outside as in a recent Made by Rae post 

Sewing community favorites:

I’ve made three of these so far – only missing the Ogden. I’ll plan to make an Ogden this month. Max hip 59.5”

Paper Theory Zadie Jumpsuit max 57.5” hip

True Bias Ogden Cami max hip 59.5”

Friday Pattern Co Sagebrush Top max 60” chest/63” hip

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