Episode 63: #pfSewNatural Intro


StyleArc – pattern

CaramiuyaMaui – pattern

Catch up:


I’ve picked my fabric for my #pfTNT Ashton by Helen’s Closet – I’ll be using a fabric printed with sewing pattern pieces & suchlike.

I’ve sewn up another Gilmore Skirt by Cashmerette.  This one is in a denim and the fabric is so wonderful in this pattern – great body & flow.  I’m sure I’ll make another in a different color denim.

I’m in the middle of a pair of Calder pants by Cashmerette from some canvas that I had printed.  These will be bold & fun – I hope i like them!

I also made the WILDEST Dragonfruit dress by CaramiyaMaui (not released) from a bright, large print, Ankara fabric.  I added pompoms in case it wasn’t bold enough.  I’m not sure I’m bold enough for it!

Coming up:  A Trillium by Made by Rae – with a full circle skirt!

Oh, oh!  And I made five pillow cases from 1.5 yards of cotton quilting fabric each.  Very basic – just measured a pillow, added some length, and went for it!


Made by Rae Trillium – I made my #pfTNT of Jenny’s tnt.  I chose Black Brussels Washer linen.  I tried to use elastic in the bobbin and it was a fail.  Came out flat, didn’t gather.  Watched a few YouTube videos, called in #Jennyfixitforme, no avail.  Decided to zigzag in some ⅛” elastic. Did 4 rows of this and it looked very nice.  This part took me half the day to work out.  Then I made the dress pretty quickly.  I tried it on and the elastic irritated the hell out of me.  As I raise my arms, the dress naturally goes up a bit and then the elastic keeps it up so I have to pull it down.  Ugh.  Not for me.  Took the elastic out and I really love it.  I love how the capped sleeves look, but not how they keep my arms down.  

Beverly in her black trillium dress before removing the elastic in the back. The dress fits ok, but she’s not comfortable with the elastic. Removing it made it perfect!

Max tee by Chalk and Notch – this is a “muscle tee” and has both armhole and hemline facings.  It took me a while to make (2 hrs) and I worried I wouldn’t like it but I do!  Nice and roomy, comfy tee.

Reynolds dress by Helen’s Closet – so delighted with my second one!!!  This one is made in blue/grey linen (IL019) from  I widened the straps – added about 1.5” total, so half that for the strap width.  I took out the curve and seam in the back, cut on the fold.  I love it!  I also needed to change the under arm area.  I washed the first one and found it was still a bit gaped, so I cut out a wedge that was 1” at the armpit down to 0 about 6” down.  The pattern actually seems to have a triangle on the back at the armpit so it easy to change going forward.

Sew Liberated Nocturne Pajamas – I made my first version – the top as a nighty, using some Liberty Cotton Poplin that I got for ½ price several months ago.  I always planned it for sleepwear and this pattern is perfect.  I am so pleased with the fit of the shoulders but plan to alter back to top size and make shorts to match.  Not enough fabric for the shorts, but will accent with it so they match.  


Our theme for May is NATURE! So excited to see how folks interpret this theme. 

Natural fibers

Naturally dyed fabrics

Naturally Dyed Fabrics – Loom and Stars

Dying fabric at home with natural dyes  This is what I plan to do!  Pillow cases!  So many pillowcases!

Fabrics with leaves/flowers/etc printed

Embroidered natural elements

Inspired by nature: color or shapes or silhouettes

New Patterns: 

Max Tee by Chalk and Notch: Do I need another tee pattern? It seems I do.  I don’t even know if I’m going to like it.  It’s a self-proclaimed muscle tee!  The version I have cut out is the hip length + 1 inch.  I lowered the neckline a bit and went for the typical tee neck binding.  It has a hem facing and also facing around the arm holes.  They call for tricot interfacing, but I have to draw the line somewhere.  

The Saguaro Set from Friday Pattern company


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