Episode 8: Size Bias in Sewing Patterns

Please go to Jenny’s Blog Post to read more about this important subject.

100 Acts of Sewing A-line Dress

FREE Toronto Tee

Peppermint Pleated summer dress

#pfWTF: Michelle @sewverymuch

Two piece combo with lovely bright printed fabric – ashton top with peppermint pocket skirt. So cute!


Helen’s Closet

Style Arc

Friday Pattern Company

Muna and Broad

2 replies on “Episode 8: Size Bias in Sewing Patterns”

Listening to this brought tears to my eyes. I am and have always been a plus size sewist. I spent years teaching myself to grade out and draft patterns. It was a long tough, frustrating road, and although I am much more successful these days, I am so appreciative of companies that truly commit to including me in their pattern ranges. It reduces the work and maximizes the joy of sewing for me. I support every pattern company I can find. 48-50-60 BWH. Love you both and thank you for voicing a need that has been a true wish of mine for literally years. Dreams can come true!

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