Episode 81: #pfSewYourStash

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I talked about a lot on the bonus episode, so I’ll just talk about new ones since then.

8/18/22Nocturne PajamasSew Liberatedself
8/19/22Sport ShortsFriday Pattern Coself
8/20/22Sport ShortsFriday Pattern CoJim
8/23/22HinterlandSew Liberatedself


Muna & Broad Melba

Caramiya Yesterday Dress

New Patterns:

The Smith Woven Jacket by Style Arc

Simpler looking jean jacket.  

  • Buttoned fly front opening
  • Full length sleeves with inserted tab
  • Slip through cuffs
  • Two-piece collar
  • Front pockets
  • Hem facing
  • Back pleat
  • Front and back yoke

They are suggesting linen, silk and rayon, but I’m thinking canvas would be so cool.  Especially that lightweight quilting type canvas.

Jennifer Lauren Handmade Luna Lounge set

Extended Size Range – A to F cups in sizes NZ6 to 34

Up to hip 159.5cm or 62 3/4″

Angelica Gown: Max 52” bust, 46” waist, free hip – does this qualify?

Angelica gown – something for cosplay or costume

The Angelica Gown pattern is an elegant and versatile variant of the ‘Italian Gown’ style fashionable from the mid 1770s to the early 1790s. This type of gown has a skirt and bodice cut as separate pieces, differentiating it from the earlier Robe à l’Anglaise which featured a skirt and bodice center-back cut as one piece.

Both views of the Angelica gown feature deeply pointed backs waists, high narrow backs with sleeves set far into the back, a full pleated skirt open at the front, one-piece ¾ length sleeves, side bodice seams, removable interior boning, and a hidden front-laced closure.

Sand Dollar Dress pattern: max 56” hip

The Sand Dollar Dress is a warm weather patchwork dress that is easy to make with nine fat quarters (18” X 21” quilting cotton). With its simple a-line shape, pleated edge and extended shoulder panels, this patchwork dress has a flattering shape and is right on trend.

This month’s theme: Sewing from our stash. #pfSewYourStash  I think this one will be far easier for me than you, Jenny!  Although, we aren’t saying it has to be only from our stash – and certainly not all month.  

Beverly:  Here are some categories I plan to tackle this month:

  1.  The oldest or close to oldest thing in my stash – could be fabric or notions, patches, tools even. 
  2. The Precious princess.  I have at least 6 pieces of expensive or one of a kind fabric that I am not using for fear of regret.  I plan to tackle at least one of them this month on something beautiful that I will love.  
  3. Something I’m avoiding in my stash – maybe it’s boring, or what ever.  In that case, there is absolutely no risk in painting it or embroidering it or making a wacky hat out of it.  If it was just going to sit there forever, it was already dead. Only up from there.  


  • I’m wanting to tackle my oldest pieces of fabric. 
  • Scraps use
  • Oldest patterns still unsewn
  • Fabric that’s languished in my stash (like sheers or other weirdsies)

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I love this! I didn’t know about that and to me it is counterintuitive- seems like you’d sometimes need more! But I plan to remember this for when I scrap things together in the future.

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