Episode 84: #pfSewYourStash Reveal!

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Clue for next month:

Catch up


Many #MeToo bags & carving a rubber stamp for creating craft fair items. 

Also: a stretch velour Toaster Sweater by Sew House 7 – both fabric & pattern gifted by Seams fabric. Both are in sale in Sept there. 

NYT crossword. Some update logged me out & broke my streak when I logged back in!! I’m so upset! 


More work with Creative Hinterland class. I learned how to add ease to a bodice to make it into a jacket!  It’s much more involved than simply making another size.  The shape of the sleeve cap changes, for example.  It’s a way to create ease specifically for wearing over something else, and keep the fit the same.  

New Patterns: 

Duet Skirt PDF Pattern Adult Sizes B – M 

I love this!  It’s a skort, perfect for running, playing pickleball, being comfortable in a short skirt!  

Free Skort pattern from Mood -The arbor skirt

Style Arc Montana dress extension pack

Sewing community news: Honest Pattern Reviews

What do you think of this Instagram account?

What have we done with #pfsewyourstash?

Beverly: I have been using my stash exclusively so far, EXCEPT – I bought some Merchant and Mills cotton jacquard (quilted sort of fabric) for a specific project.  It’s ok because I bought it from the store of this month’s sponsor!.  I have also been cutting a bunch of scraps to make some quilted fabric or maybe a quilt.  For simplicity, I decided to cut them all 5×5 and the little bits that don’t fit I’m tossing.  It’s a good thing to do while watching TV (FOOTBALL!) 

I also recently reorganized my fabric and I found some that I didn’t know I had!!!  I also created a bin for “one yard wonders” – things that I have a larger than ½ yard scrap, but not really enough to make much- Maybe I can use them for an Ogden cami? Not exactly sure what I’m going to do with them, but they have a home for now.  

The photo below is not all of the fabric, but it’s my “display fabric”. Ha!  I have a bin for rayons and others that are too slinky to stay put on a shelf, denim, double gauze – a few others.


Organized & started planning. I’ve seen mostly stash items this month, including using so many scraps & deep quilting stash for items to sell. 

Favorite ideas that folks have used for #pfSewYourStash



4 replies on “Episode 84: #pfSewYourStash Reveal!”

I listened to your discussion of Honest Pattern Reviews. I especially appreciated your comment that you can’t expect total honesty if there is no anonymity. In the context you mentioned, the workplace, I agree wholeheartedly. I was in a #metoo situation in the 80s and the power imbalance (as well as other factors) made me choose not to report the offenses.

However after thinking about this for a couple weeks and visiting their account, I have come to think that anonymity is not needed in the consumer/indie pattern designer relationship. Consumers are not being abused/defrauded in any way and we all have the ability to provide feedback publicly through social media, review sites, etc. or privately by contacting the designer. The ultimate feedback, of course, is to not buy further products.
Furthermore, after reading the posts of @honestpatternreviews (subsequent to your mention of them on the podcast) I feel some of the posts are mean spirited. It is one thing to list specific things about a pattern that did not work for you, but when they call out a designer/business in a vague, negative way, they are crossing a line and messing with someone’s livelihood.
The anonymity of the internet makes it easy to criticize and I’m all for free speech, but I will exercise my own freedom and unfollow that account.
On this subject, let me also put in a plug for I’ve became a member over 10 years ago when I was buying a new sewing machine. The site allows members to rate patterns from 1-5 stars and write in-depth reviews. I learn as much from the negative reviews as the positive ones and they are generally thoughtful and rarely mean.

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