Episode 93: #pfSewNotClothes recap

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93 Recap #pfSewNotClothes


Noodlehead – pdf pattern

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Johassler: Labels & patches for one lucky winner

Catch up:


Orion:  Dark green linen with puffy sleeves IL19

Orion:  green print from Seams Fabric + a lavender check whose origin I don’t quite recall

Beverly: Merchant and Mills Edie – OMG M&M now has both size bands on single web page!  Dropdowns for size and pdf v paper!

New Patterns:

Merchant and Mills:


The Quinn

Helen’s Closet Brooks Jeans

Style Arc Philomena Woven Dress

#pfSewNotClothes recap

I think Jenny wins on this one!  What did you do for it?


I made 50 6x9x2 zipper pouches, 35 4×4 zipper bags, 20 set of 4 hemmed linen napkins, and hundreds of patches (from rubber stamps I carved myself).


Pillow covers for couch

Pillow made from rectangles of fabric from recycled jeans
Back of pillow, navy blue with white images of flowers in a pattern similar to a bandana.

Bought pattern and hardware for Sandhill Sling from Noodlehead (only November 20 as of this recording)

Community shout outs:

Person wearing polka dotted, corduroy scarf with circular abstract flowers attached. Scarf has white background with green, gray, black or pink dots.
Instagram screenshot showing hand made monkey stuffed animal wearing pants with suspenders.


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