Episode 97: #pfPajamaParty recap

Clue for next month:

Sponsor: Punk Frockers!  Labels and patches

Catch up:

Jenny:  I’m having fun with my new one sleeved bodice, but mostly by fabric shopping for outrageous fabrics – like a stretchy foil, crushed velvet, etc.  I’ve finally begun to come out of my design/sewing stupor and begun sewing again in the mornings.  Mostly gifts – so not as much to talk about.

Beverly: Variation of Hinterland dress in Merchant and Mills large gingham yarn dyed linen, navy/red for my Christmas dress

For Jim: Merchant and Mills Sidney in Merchant and Mills jacquard fabric from Domesticity.

Anecdote – heard a first time Christmas celebrator refer to it as having a part-time job from mid November until Christmas.  I love this, but I think a better analogy is taking a course – you don’t have to keep all semester, but when you don’t, the time before the final sucks!

Community news: 

Style arc has sewing tutorials for many of their patterns.  They have been trying to improve their directions, but also want to offer these tutorials to supplement.  

New patterns:

Friday Pattern co Saturday Skirt set

This looks right up Jenny’s alley!  Long skirt with tie front top, exposing a bit of belly.  

Elbe textiles Davis Belt

Merchant and Mills The Elling – men’s trousers

An everyday men’s elasticated trouser with front slanted pockets and back patch pockets. Make them with or without a zip.

Recap #pfPajamaParty

Jenny :  Bupkis.  I think I’m likely to make one PJ like dress (secret pajamas) before the season ends – but no promises!

Beverly: pajamas I talked about last week – love them and have been wearing them a lot.  Good for lounging too.


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