Episode #98: #pfLocalFabric Intro

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Catch up:

Jenny:  I’ve got lots of fabric coming in, and in a twist, I think I’m headed somewhere else with all my designing outside of just a regular website where you buy my dresses.  It’s all a swirly in my brain (and the brain of some brainstorming peeps at my day job) but it’s so exciting, and so full of potential, and SO ME.  I smile a lot when I think about it.  So how’s that for mysterious progress on something I’m not currently actually sewing.  Also:  I’ve got two designs in the works that I’m going to (gulp) submit to Tauko magazine.  I don’t expect to get picked – I’m really new to this, and often my designs are about making something that’s inspired by other something’s possible for a fat body… so maybe I’m not creative enough.

Beverly: For Christmas, I made my mom an Itch to Stitch Celeste dress using fabric I purchased at my local fabric store, Domesticity.  I am using the Robert Kauffman Essex, cotton linen blend for the dress and it’s perfect.  It’s not really a seasonally appropriate dress, but my mom really wanted a short sleeved shift dress and this one fits the bill.  Man that fabric is so easy to sew!

It’s yarn dyed, light blue/white.

New patterns:

New standard for our podcast – only discuss patterns with a hip (or largest measurement) >or= 60”. This doesn’t apply to anything except what we will discuss here.  As always, any pattern can be used for the challenges, regardless of size range, but we have both been feeling like the 55” standard is lower than we are comfortable with and so many pattern companies have expanded to 60 and beyond!

For this week’s new patterns, I went to the Curvy Pattern Database.  It’s great because all patterns on this site meet the 60” and above standard!  Here are a few from companies that I hadn’t even heard of before. 

Audacity Joggers from Pattern Niche

Adult Cruise Culottes by Jennuine design

Inger Dress – Melilot patterns – sizes 32-64 – I think it’s a 61” hip – size chart in Norwegian I think. But you can get English instructions to the pattern!

Van Den Berg Fashion – Winnie and Mabel dresses

This month’s theme: Local Fabric!

Globally Local Stores.

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