Episode 146: #pfJoyful Intro

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11/13/2023GraftonCashmeretteNick of TimeCotton knit
11/14/20239599SimplicityOver the selvageCotton Lycra

Beverly: Gift making, playing with new sewing machine.  Bought a sewing advent calendar from Domesticity because I am spoiled after last year 🙂 Working on Smarty Pants class.

New patterns:

Friday Pattern Co: Pogonip Pullover

The Pogonip Pullover is the perfect layer for all your outdoor adventures! It is an unlined pullover jacket that features welt pockets, a sport collar, and a snap or button half front placket. It is designed for woven or stable knit fabrics so you can have a lot of fun with your fabric choice. It looks great in everything from quilted fabrics, to fleece, to linen! Packing and carrying the Pogonip is a breeze with the fun (and optional), packable pocket (with strap).

Merchant and Mills: Give

Hot Water Bottle Cover (Free)

Drawstring Bag (Free)

The Grove Creations Set


Holidays bring joy for some and darkness for others.  No matter what, we could all use more joy in our lives.  It’s one of the main reasons we sew!  Where is your joy in the process?

  • Buying fabric
  • Choosing a pattern
  • Designing/drafting patterns
  • Cutting out the fabric
  • Time at your machine
  • Extra details
  • Being finished!
  • Sharing on social media
  • Gifting
  • Using scraps
  • Looking at what others have sewn on Instagram
  • Using certain types of fabrics
  • Specific pattern types (does the simplicity of an elastic waist skirt make you happy, or a technical shirt pattern?
  • “Thanks, I made it”

Episode 145: #pfSelfCare Recap

Hint for next month:

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11/11/2023KaliMade for MermaidsOver the selvageCotton lycraHoneycomb
11/12/2023JuniperCrisWoodSewsFirecracker FabricsCotton linenDeadstock watercolors


Beverly: Smarty Pants Semi fit block, Self care – new gym top from old swag

New patterns:

Itch to Stitch Andes Jacket 

Crafted especially for fleece-backed softshell fabric, this pattern showcases intriguing seam details for subtle shaping and visual interest. The Andes Jacket boasts a lined hood and an unlined body, striking the ideal balance between warmth and breathability. With softshell fabric’s exceptional water-resistant properties, this jacket is your ideal companion in drizzly or rainy weather, promising not just protection but also a touch of elegance for the season.

Andes Jacket Features:

  • Options for cup sizes
  • Lined three-piece hood with optional drawstrings on the inside
  • Unlined bodice
  • Sleeves with diagonal seam lines
  • Princess seams from shoulders
  • Ample front pockets with exposed zippers
  • Exposed center front zipped closure
  • High-low hem with a round back
  • Designed for fleece-backed softshell fabric with a touch of stretch

Soft Shell fleece backed fabric 

Style Arc Queenie Woven dress

  • Round neck with a darted fitted bodice
  • “A” line skirt with optional hem frills
  • Centre back zip
  • 4 sleeve options: Double fluted sleeve, elbow length sleeve with double frill and a gathered head, plain short sleeve, long sleeve with a shirred cuff and a gathered head

Silk, rayon, charmeuse

Self Care Recap

Beverly: I did several things on my list.  I made appointments, even went to one already.  The other one is scheduled for April, but at least it is scheduled.  I took off work for almost a whole week around Thanksgiving.  I requested time off around christmas and an extra day to go shopping with my mom.  




144 Social Media #pfSelfCare

144 Social Media #pfSelfCare

Catch up:



Starting a project to sew everything in Made to Meadure

Closet sale on Black Friday & Saturday


Love Notions Ballad Blouse – black linen tencil (M&M) Lengthened and straightened hem, elbow length sleeves

Embroidery machine!

New patterns:

Ingvild by Melilot – up to 62” hip

A timeless and feminine reversible coat, perfect for wearing over dresses with a full skirt. You can choose a basic fabric on one side, and a bright colour or print on the other side, to get two completely different coats in one. It has an asymmetric closure and a clean neckline without collar, as well as side seam pockets. The darts add a nice detail to the clean finish. You can also add a collar or a hood to your coat, by adding the extension pattern.

Cashmerette Club Savin Coat

Topic: social media

How do we use it?

How would we change that?


143 Elisalex #pfSelfCare

143 Elisalex #pfSelfCare

Catch up: 


Honeybourne x 2 – what a difference getting the fit right makes

Halloween costumes

Also: talent show! 

Self care – skin


Smarty pants class – made first block and mockup!

Love Notions Ballad Blouse – blue linen

New patterns:

Frances Collection Victory Patterns – up to 60” hips

Made to Measure book: released Nov 2 UK, Nov 5 USA. 

Following an overview of essential sewing tools, a primer on fabrics, and a guide to essential sewing techniques, you will learn how to:

  • Draft simple patterns based on your measurements 
  • Take a pattern from an existing garment 
  • Identify and fix common fit issues 

The sixteen pattern-free projects for dresses, skirts, tops, a pantsuit, and more are a springboard for creating a versatile, personalized wardrobe. The designs include:

  • Sweet Shirred Top and Dress 
  • Faux-Cute Jumpsuit 
  • Paneled Wrap Skirt 
  • Prairie Dress 
  • Not Your Grandma’s Quilted Circle Skirt 
  • Siren Slip Dress 
  • Refashioned Sweater Dress

Interview with Elisalex – about 25 min. 


Episode 142: #pfSelfCare Intro

142 #pfSelfCare Intro

Catch Up:


Jessilous / Small MuseumJoannCottonSkulls
DiY DaisyFabrics StoreCottonYellow with flowers
Jessilous / Small MuseumFabrics StoreCottonGreen with flowers

I’ve begun drafting my next pattern for Tauko magazine. Eeek! 


New Skirt!  Using my block from Skirt Skills and True Bias copied me. (New patterns section)

Starting the new Smarty Pants session with Brooksann Camper!  So excited.

Went to a class for my new sewing machine.  Only 2 people there and it was the most wonderful, wholesome experience.  I am so happy to have Domesticity fabric shop in my neighborhood.  

New patterns:

True Bias Blair (small) (large) – up to 61.5”

Extended sizing on French Navy Calyer pants! – Now up to 62.5”

I made these pants for both Jim and I and we love them.  Natural with Linen.

Style Arc Columbus Knit Top and Leggings

Sew Over It Overalls

Sew Over It apron – Love that it comes in two size bands – many apron patterns are “one size”

Muna & Broad Loxton pants up to 71.5”

The Loxton Leggings are fast to sew and easy to wear. You can make them full length or in a bike short view.

They feature a side panel with phone pocket and a quick and easy elastic waist so you can fill your wardrobe with this staple. Wear them to work out, run errands, lounge, or style your best athleisure look. They have a high waist for full coverage and can be constructed on a regular domestic sewing machine (no serger required!).


Will we just be making robes and slippers this month?  Does everything count if sewing is our best form of self care? 

We chose this theme because we are starting to get into the season of the year where lots of us focus on doing a lot for others.  This isn’t necessarily bad, but we wanted to remind ourselves to also take care of US. 

We are hoping for lots of ideas for self care this month – and they don’t have to involve sewing!  

You can always just include a way you are taking care of yourself in the comments. 

What are we planning for this month?


-Sewing: I want to sew up some new gym clothes for myself this month.  Some will involve altering race swag, but also want new leggings and other gym pants/shorts.  I went for RTW this summer and I already hate it all because it doesn’t fit right!

I’m also taking the custom pants course, which is investing time and money on me.

-I have a real desire (please hold me accountable) to schedule in my own care in my busy schedule – First and foremost I have several doctor appointments that are overdue because I haven’t wanted to take the time off.  That is changing this month.  I plan to put down in my schedule for the week when I will make appointments – a bit part of the problem is that I can only call the doctors during their working hours.  I need to set some time out of MY working hours to get that done.  If I do not put it in my schedule I will not get it done.  I used to have some free time in my day, but all the day is full if I don’t block time out.


  1. scheming time off work for me. Gaming & sewing. 
  2. Continuing a discontinued tradition of booking Thanksgiving dinner out for everyone. 
  3. Downsizing more or again or still. 

141 #pfScarystuff Recap

Hint for next month’s theme: 

Catch up:


10/9/2023SundressDIY DaisyHello Friend FabricsCottonGiant pink birds
10/12/2023SundressDiY DaisyHello Friend FabricsCottonFrilled lizards

I’ve also picked up some Know Me & McCalls size inclusive patterns. 

Beverly: Two “Obrigada” tops – One made with fabric from NYC trip and one with Liberty

More T-shirts!  Including several that come in a size just a tiny bit too small to discuss here and a plantain tee from Deer and Doe (max 60” hip) – FREE pattern with a leopard print!

New patterns:

Tauko Tuesday!


Style Arc Columbus Woven Jacket

New size range for Deer and Doe Myosotis! Now up to 60” hip.

Sew Over It Portia Dress

DIBY Madam Tulip Crossback Sweatshirt – up to 67”

#pfScary Recap


140: Aaronica

This week we’re doing something different – almost a throw back to previous guest spots from our first year podcasting. We have a guest – and Jenny & Aaronica just talk and talk about KnowMe patterns, Made for Mermaids, and all things creative.


139:  Getting to know your sewing buddies

139:  Getting to know your sewing buddies

Date: 17 October 

No sponsor – just PF.  However, if you’d like a pack of PF labels, and you’ve shared a make and tagged us recently, please send us a DM with your address!  No cost – available internationally while supplies last.

What have we been up to?


Sundresses. I made one from my indigo dye bath experience & love it. 

Painting on fabric: Shiva stiks which were recommended to me by CaramiyaMau on Instagram.


Range Backpack from Noodlehead

New patterns:

Avid seamstress Wimbourne cocooon coat. 61.6” hip. 

Muna & briad pyrmount skirt. 41.5-71.5” hip

Itch to Stitch Islares Top

Two updated patterns from Sew Over it: The Lana Skirt and Ella Blouse. Sew Over It has a fantastic commitment to going back to all their older patterns to update sizing.  

News from Deer and Doe:

One of the designers/founders (Camille) became ill in March and although she’s getting better, they decided not to release any more new patterns this year.  However, by doing that they are going to be able to take time to re-release the Myosotis dress in their complete size range.  We will talk more about the pattern when it happens, but it’s such a sewing community favorite that I am glad they are taking it on and also that they are prioritizing their health and well being.

Can we talk about the Zadie dress update? It’s not size inclusive.

This week’s topic:

Getting to know your sewing buddies.

About 13 years ago, Whipstitch did a few rounds of pairing up sewing folks as sewing buddies – and part of that involved a questionnaire about your sewing experiences.  I thought we’d use that to learn more about your favorite sewing podcast hosts – and suggest you do the same with folks you’d like to sew with regularly.

Accounts to follow:

  • Somebody_or_others_mom
  • SheilaOKelly
  • TheNeedleAndTheBelle
  • Fabric_Scraps

Tips (from, and others):

  • Want a sewing buddy?  Reach out to someone online or in person that feels compatible to you, with your style of sewing, and start a conversation.

What does it mean for us?


Sewing Experience 

1. What is the first sewing memory you have?  Do you think that memory was a prediction of your future sewing success? 

2. What would you say is your “sewing personality”?  Are you a perfectionist or a procrastinator or a planner or something else?  How does that affect the way you create?  How does it affect the space you do your sewing in? 

3. What is the best thing you ever, ever sewed?  Who was the first person you showed it to?  Would you ever sell it, and if so, how much would you ask? 

4. If time and money and talent were no object, what ONE sewing project would you choose to complete?  Who would you give it to when it was done? 

5. What one sewing skill do you really, truly wish you possessed?  What skill do you think is over-rated and probably not worth learning? 

6. What is the most inspiring sewing project you’ve ever seen (in person or virtually)? 

Joaverystitch 100 days of organic applique

Can we get to know you?  Share your answers to a favorite question and tag us – we’ll pick some to share with our followers!

Visit to support our work.



138:  Sustainable practices in sewing

138:  Sustainable practices in sewing

Date: 10 October

No sponsor – just PF.  However, if you’d like a pack of PF labels, and you’ve shared a make and tagged us recently, please send us a DM with your address!  No cost – available internationally while supplies last.

What have we been up to?


Mostly just more sundresses. I have ideas on how to change them up more but am stalled because I love DIY Daisy’s design so much!! 

And I went to a play and saw someone rocking the Tate Romper in the wild!! 


Skirt Skills skirt! Learned so much you got an A+

New patterns:

Grainline studio Myra (0-18) (14-32) (Max 61” hip)

Sew Over It Viola – Vintage inspired

Grafton knit dress by Cashmerette. 400 combos, 62” max hip. 

Eddy Pants from

Not a new pattern, but Style Arc has announced that every Sunday they will put one of their patterns on sale for 30% off just for that day.  If you like SA patterns, it’s worth subscribing to their emails to get the notifications. – Love notions does a similar thing on Fridays (specific pattern $5)

This week’s topic:



From Investopedia

What are the 3 concepts of sustainability?

Sustainability’s three main pillars represent the environment, social responsibility, and economics. (These three pillars are also informally called people, planet, purpose, and profits.)

From Sewing Dictionary:

Sustainable sewing means sewing in a way that leaves a minimal impact on the planet. Whether that is using eco-friendly materials, reusing old textiles, making garments designed to last for a long time, or ensuring you use every scrap of fabric reducing fabric wastage. 

Accounts to follow:

  • Frugilisima
  • CrisWoodSews
  • Liz Haywood
  • Birgitta Helmerson ZW patterns

Tips (from Sewing Dictionary, Paprika Patterns, Feel Good Fibers, Seamwork, and others):

  • Read this article by Seamwork on how to add sustainability to your sewing practice.
  • Make things that fit your style
  • Mend
  • GIve away the fabrics you’ve outgrown to others who will use them
  • Use what you’ve got instead of buying more.
  • Consider if the prints you buy are stylish or classic – will they go out of style quickly? Solids never do!
  • Buy secondhand.
  • Look after your sewing tools, get your scissors sharpened and your machine serviced rather than replaced.
  • Don’t buy more than you need.

What tips can you offer to others?  Share your sustainable practcies and tag us – we’ll pick some to share with our followers!

Visit to support our work.



137 #pfScaryStuff Intro

Catch up:


I finally made the Tate Jumper by Jessslous – it’s really cute, though my husband couldn’t stop laughing at the style when I showed him. A very quick sew in the denim Beverly got cut for me at mood when we went to NYC. I’m generally short waisted & have to make adjustments for that but here I had to go longer in the body by several inches. 

I’ve cut out my Sawtell but not yet made it – I’ve used an IKEA duvet cover for it & think it’ll be cute but I’ve gotten in my head about that front neck being too difficult so I keep moving it back to the bottom of the pile. 


4 T shirts to wear with skirts.  They are all made using a pattern that comes up just an inch too small for our show.  I’m sure folks can find any number of patterns that fit this bill – it’s a cap sleeved T shirt with a band at the bottom.  Why?  Because I think skirts look good tucked in but I can’t stand the feel of even a french tucked shirt in my skirt/pants.  This will sort of be mock tucked in.  Also planning some cropped options.  

More progress on my Skirt Skills skirt!  I made a mock up of the lantern skirt pattern.  -describe idea and initial draft plus changes.  Next is the basted fitting!  -I’m going to use the twill (circle embossed) that we got at the last shop we went into for fabric in NYC! Also thinking of lining it with SILK – sari silk I Purchased ages ago. 

New patterns:

Matchy Matchy Skipper Top and Dress

Waves and Wild – Jupiter Leggings 

Curvy (Femme) fit  Adult Male/Straight fit

Ooo! I love these! 

Willow belt by Sew House Seven – it’s on sale for $4.80, reg price $6 but I think this one would have made a nice freebie. Maybe I’m wrong 


I love these “scary” challenges because we get to see so many folks try all sorts of things that they normally wouldn’t do.  You can also choose to make a costume if you prefer to go that angle.  

What are some scary things you might want to try?