PF 153 Creative Doldrums

Jan 23 – Creative doldrums

Catch up

Jenny: I’ve cut out seven different garments (no duplicates) and really hope to feel inspired to sew them up soon.  Some are things I’ve made before – but not repeats in the pile of cut patterns.


Finished some knitting – socks and a “Rockit tee” 

Two muslins for my wedding dress!  Been documenting for a potential blog post.  

New patterns

Wickelpullover up to 59.5” hip

The highlight of this wrap sweater is the side seam fold, which cleverly creates a casual and flattering drape of the fabric. The deep V-neck allows you to elegantly highlight tops worn underneath or provide extra warmth over a chic blouse.

Garnet by MadebyRae – up to 70” hip

How to get out of a creative slump – or is that even something you need to do?

Here’s an article with thoughts. 

  • Take a class.  I’m taking Skirt Skills by Brooks-Ann There SIX DAY in person class in Baltimore with Susan Khalje – they have them in May, Sept and Dec.  I am seriously thinking of attending the September one.  It’s expensive $1800, but it’s for 6 days and seems so great.  

Also, I signed up for Craftsy again (1.49) and have been taking couture sewing classes on there with Alison Smith.  Not nearly as in depth, but satisfying my desire for classes.

  • Illustrate your dream projects.  I use MyBodyModel (now part of the Cashmerette family). Brooksann teaches you how to make a croqui from a photo of yourself.  She does it using paper, but I imported it into Procreate and I love it.  
  • Buy or use some PRECIOUS FABRIC or, make a muslin if that’s more comfortable.  
  • Sew for someone else – oh, sure
  • Mend
  • Take a break from sewing purposefully
  • Take a break for social media, and sew instead
  • Watch a Oscar winning film for the costumes
  • Spend some time on another hobby
  • Organize your sewing space

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