PF100 – a look back at 100 episodes

#100 – let’s look back at our first 100 episodes #pfLocalFabrics

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Started a toile for a Tauko proposal. And I can’t say more or it’s not a valid proposal any more. 😂😂😂. Wanting to make overalls – send recommendations! 60” hip + I’ve already cut out a pair that don’t meet that requirement – hoping the designer chooses to expland since their current size chart does exceed 60”.  I’ve got the Leo by By Hand London on my cutting table next – max 69” hip.

Beverly suggested Helen’s Closet Ruby overalls


2 ZW Gather Dresses

New pattern:

Birch Vest Pattern Scout – up to 60” hip

The Birch Vest is a lined waistcoat with princess seams, a deep scoop neckline, and a front button closure. A transitional wardrobe staple, Birch can be worn alone or layered with matching separates for a tailored or casual style.

Lets look back at our first 100 episodes

Favorite episode? 

Jenny – #5 – Definitely not guaranteed sewing tips

Beverly – #66 All about Linen, #5, Definitely not guaranteed sewing tips

Favorite challenge?

Jenny – #pfScrappy – really resonated with listeners, and I actually figured out how to use scraps in my sewing.  

Beverly – #pfBondage – best name and also nice to slow down and add beautiful details.  I love the garments I made that month with bias bound waistbands

Favorite interview? 

Jenny – So many.  I loved Beverly’s panel chat about gender & sewing.  Interviewing MimiG was a stand out for me as well.

Beverly – Jim! Also Terrance Williams – #1 best laugh of anyone i know.  Also loved Florence Taylor – it was like having a long time friend come chat with us.

Favorite moment?

Jenny – Dammit, Beverly took mine – tkt, tx was AWESOME.  

Beverly – When we learned the difference between tkt and Tx for thread size!  Haha! 

What did you learn?

Jenny – how to slow down, and do things “righter”.  I curse/bless Beverly for making my sewing practice more annoying/better.  I learned how to edit a podcast.  I learned how to make friends with sewists.

Beverly – SO MUCH!  Jenny is an awesome business person.  She knows how to say things diplomatically.  I can change a normal situation to awkward and defensive and Jenny just fixes it for me.  I learned the extent of the hurt and harm caused by unequal access to patterns based on size.  And I learned that the sewing community can pressure that to change and succeed!

How is your sewing practice different? 

Jenny – OMG.  I use pins.  I iron.  I PREWASH.  DAMMIT.

Beverly – I’m better at knowing if something is my style before I make it.  

What do you want to see more of?

Jenny – More interviews.  We’ve stepped away from those (not intentionally) but I loved getting other voices on the show.

Beverly – Community love!  Would love more people to find and enjoy our podcast and for folks to feel welcome and at home with us.

Hopes for the next 100 episodes? 

Jenny – Seeing more changes in the greater sewing world that meet the needs of all sewists.  More attention paid to gender bias in sewing patterns, more extended sizing (60” is not enough!), more representation for fat, old, queer sewists.

Beverly – that we will meet the community needs and wants with our show.  

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