#pfHappyEnding Intro

Catch Up:


Tate in upholstery fabric to match my grandma’s wingback

Chive in Lisa Frank leopard print French terry


Wedding dress progress!  I’ve made the final full muslin toile.  I have completed main bodice and skirt, which are underlined.  I still need to do the lining for this and add the sleeves. I haven’t put the bodice and skirt together because I am making a waistband that I am embroidering with all the things I am grateful for about Jim. Also, before I join them up, I will add the flounces to the skirt.  Pretty pleased with it.  Wedding is in just over a month as we record this and I think I am in great shape on time.  

New Patterns:

Love Notions Clef Coat

Swimstyle Andi Set (up to 60” hip, which they call 9X!)

Elizabeth Susann – three new patterns (up to 66” hip)

Linn Tee

Maxine Crop

Bel Skirt

#pfHappyEnding Intro

What did our clues have to do with the theme?  Haha – NOTHING!  We wanted to use our favorite songs because this is the final month of Punk Frockers.  Our theme this month is #pfHappy Ending. 

I’m so sad about this but look forward to seeing everyone’s memories. 

  • Revisit any previous theme that you loved
  • Make a new theme that you wanted us to do but we didn’t
  • Post a favorite memory of the show
  • Tell us how much you loved the show and if it brought anything to your sewing practice or just joy in listening we would love to hear it.